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Just checking in

No pictures today. Not much to talk about either. Been busy on my hand, still no pictures, which comes with an explanation, its a piece that has to be seen finished and well it's just not finished yet. I am enjoying making it a great deal and it should be done soon. I went to see Kathy at the Katbird Shop and it was nice to see her and I brought her a few new pieces. I had lunch with both Cheryl and Emily which was loads of fun but other then that just working and thinking about a plan for the future. I did set some goals for myself at the beginning of the year and I'm trying to get the body in motion. I'm also recovering from a bug of some sort. So not very talkative. Miss reading your inspirational posts so I'll end here and hopefully see you soon(with the hand, it's quite interesting if I say so myself).

Star Crossed

Hand Embroidered Cross on Watercolored Fabric Hi All! Been busy, busy, busy. I keep waiting for the days when all the hubbub will die down and it just doesn't seem to come. On the plus side I've been bringing my hand embroidered hand everywhere and it is almost finished so I'll have a picture soon(hopefully). I am enjoying the three dimensional aspect of this project so much and there are so many ideas swimming in my head for the future. Including a fish. This piece was a pleasure to make. I love to make crosses as they are my ode to spirituality. I'm not a big church goer and these pieces show my belief in something greater then myself. I think belief in a greater power is very important but to me church doesn't really seem necessary for this belief. So therefore I make crosses. I've been using the embroidery more as a meditation as a whole lately. I like to turn off the sound and just embroider stitch by stitch. It helps me center. I'm going to

No Pictures

But a lovely day with an old friend. My friend Gail came up from New Jersey today with her husband and we had breakfast at Panera and we watched curling as her son was competing in a curling competition in a nearby town which was the fortuitous reason for her visit. It is so funny Gail is one of my greatest old friends and my son was a toddler last time we had face time, but it's funny about great old friends you cannot see them for generations and when you do you remember exactly why they are so special to you. We went through so much in our crazy early twenties. And now we can talk about our sons and sit and chat about politics and everything else and never miss a beat. Her husband is wonderful too. Very self aware and spiritual. What a wonderful day and I didn't want to let it pass without comment. Off to watch the Oscars and embroider some.

Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface is the third piece in the Fulton Street Gallery Black and White Show. I shared Beneath the Surface way back when it was just a beginning and didn't have an ending. Since I started this piece I think I have tried to be more open in my life and in my art. I try very hard to have less hidden beneath the surface moments and I'm trying much harder to work my way out of the box I was in. I'm working on a hand. Yes a hand, a hand embroidered hand. The hand is a glove covered in muslin and now I am covering it with embroidery. My next photo may be the hand embroidered hand or perhaps something else that I've made and never shared. I've been working a lot lately except for the Olympics detour. For some reason it was very hard to concentrate on my work and concentrate on the Olympics. For me the Olympics was a very emotional experience. Probably for many people, but the inspiring stories of people who had to overcome so much for their spor

Having Fun and a Little Fried

This post will be fast and sweet as I have started a new project a three dimensional embroidery project which has my attention. So much so I have not put it down literally for days. I'll share it when I get my laptop back, which leads me to a little fried. My plug for my laptop is literally and figuratively fried. I guess we will have to replace it because I can't even make it work for me anymore, for a short while I was able to spark it into action but even that has failed so I am writing this blog post on the slower then molasses desktop which frankly I don't have the patience for. Took me twenty minutes to turn the darn thing on. So no pictures today and I will be here till my next birthday if I try and read your wonderful blogs. So off I go and hope to see you soon. And maybe with some pictures of my new project(don't pity me for the computer I am loving this project and now I won't have to feel so guilty). So blessings and keep on stitching to everyone.