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The Barn

This is something a little different from my usual work, the voice in my head suggested it.  Both the barn and getting out of my comfort zone.  I have been going through a fearful time worried about money and the fact that I turned 60 with no safety net.  I’ve been pretty much living out of fear.  So I started meditating and found this beautiful voice in my head that makes suggestions. Some of them work some teach me lessons.  Mostly it tells me to love myself and do what will make me happy. At my day job it taught me to focus on the part of my job that I love, which is my customers.  I truly love people, find the thing I like about them most and forget the rest.  I think it has worked you would have to ask everyone else if it works for them. As an artist it means sitting myself down and embroidering in silence.  I feel that has given me a modicum of peace and helped me to focus.  I seem to have always had a severe case of monkey brain with a thousand different thoughts going

The Hill

She stood at the top of the hill.  It was a sheet of ice, a scary undertaking for any young girl, but she was a little different, she was afraid of everything.  Maybe she was in the third or fourth grade.  Hungry from no breakfast going home for lunch.  She probably had a hard morning at school, she was teased a lot.  Kids can be cruel.  She had lost her brother, her father and her mother in a way.  All in one full swoop, in the middle of a six month period. So she stood at the top of that icy hill and she cried.  She couldn’t make herself walk down the hill.  I guess perhaps she was afraid she would fall or she would get hurt or she would die too.  She just stood there and cried until finally her neighbor came along and gently took her hand and walked her down the two tremendous icy hills to her home.  Step by step.  By the time she reached home she did not have time for lunch and had to walk back up the icy hills because she could not stay home she had been in school in the mor

A Little Different

Everything, Is a little different,  That is exciting, Exhilarating, I always have a plan,  Much to my chagrin, I try my best to cater to what others want, What others need, Forgetting my unique qualities in the process. All of us have a purpose, Everyone strives to be accepted, To be loved, to be special, Maybe being special is realizing we are All the same, But a little different in our own ways. This piece is available on my Etsy shop.

Infinite Love

Infinite Love is my latest piece.  It signifies a love that is unending.  It has no beginning and has no end.  This piece features two hearts brought together by an infinity sign in the middle.  There are 6 French knots on either side.  Six is the number of Venus and it signifies completeness, beauty and high ideals.  That says it all.  The completeness of finding a love that compliments you and makes you feel whole instead of broken.  A love that is beautiful enough to withstand the trials and tribulations that life brings and the high ideals that with the right person by your side anything is possible. This piece is available on my Etsy site.  It would make a great wedding gift for the perfect it at the beginning of their time together as an engagement gift or after many years of a happy marriage.  It is something I’m hoping for in my remaining years.  This piece can be found here in my Etsy shop. .

Peaceful Stitching

Stitching has always brought me peace even as a young girl at the side of my grandmother long before I started to sell my work and call myself an artist.  It is literally the only time in my life when I just chill and be.  My grandmother taught me everything.  How to thread a needle, how to do certain stitches, how to use a crochet hook and a knitting needle, how to find peace in a moment.  It has gotten me through many of my most joyful and traumatic moments. This piece was just an exercise in peace.  A time to just be without a particular destination.  Filled with lovely peaceful shades of blue done in straight stitches and French knots.  A slowly running river or a beautiful blue sky, whichever I was imagining.  A time to just focus on peaceful blues while the world outside is raging.  To quiet the ever present noise in my head.  I hope you like it. This piece is available on Etsy and can be found here.

Let There Be Light

This is my favorite work in progress.  It started as nothing and now it is something.  Isn’t that the way   God made the world?  He started with nothing and made this beautiful mosaic of colors and textures from the tiniest bird to man to the largest elephant.  All of us beautiful in our own way.  The beauty of a tree in a breeze with its leaves swaying to and fro.  The beauty of a cardinal in the tree.  The beauty of a young couple in love walking by the tree.  The sound of rippling water of a creek whose water feeds the tree.  To me embroidery is that tree.  This piece is all connected by thread on black fabric bringing light to the darkness.  Bringing me peace to my all too active mind.  Being love.  Being safe.  Being alone but not alone.  Being thankful that something can bring light from my darkness.  A gentle breeze rustling through my tree.