Just a sheep

Hi all!  I’ve changed my listings on Etsy just a bit.  Each one of a kind ornament has its own listing.  I’ve updated the pictures to make them clearer and more representative of what they actually look like.  I originally thought maybe putting all the sheep on one listing would make them easier to find but each sheep has a personality of its own and a look of its own. If the main sheep or peace sign or joy pillow doesn’t baahken to you then you probably weren’t going to look at the rest of them.  So I gave each one its own listing.  There are still a couple more grouped together but I will separate them too.
For years I have sold my ornaments at craft fairs and Valley Artisans Market and people always comment about how much they love my ornaments and how each one is different. I am not a mass producer I produce just one.  One at a time, hand drawn and hand embroidered.  No patterns, no copies, no embroidery machine.  Just me and my hands and my love of the simple stitch, and color and…

Marmalade Sky

Picture yourself in a boat on a river 
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies 
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly 
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes… 

My ode to Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds or the Beatles, you choose.  One of my favorite pieces now available in my Etsy Shop.  It’s really beautiful if I say so myself

Dreaming Big

Hi All!  I am having so much fun adding new work to my Etsy shop.  I love to embroider one of a kind pieces and make each and every one, one of a kind and one at a time.  I haven’t embroidered this much since my divorce.  I’m feeling so calm and so creative.  I was working full time as a waitress in a diner just a few short months ago and was too exhausted to do much embroidering.  I loved my job and working full time.  My wonderful boss died and they closed the diner.  I was very heartbroken but fortunately I have a wonderful new job and a wonderful new boss.  I’ve been working since June and love my new job.  I only work part time though so I had to make some decisions, get another part time job or dream big and go for it.  So hence I took the second option.  It’s been a little tough but I’m committed to making this work both figuratively and in reality.  I am working so hard and I’m finding the Tangled Stitch again.  Figured if you are reading this you’d want to know why.  So that’…


I’m in the treetops today embroidering my latest work in progress.  I’ve added a couple of sheep ornaments to my Etsy shop.  You can see them at  See you soon.

Lovely winter scene heart hand embroidered

I love to embroider one of a kind pieces.  My whole thing was drawing something simple and then letting my needle take over.  When I embroider a framed piece its never finished until it’s finished.  There is always a thread that needs to go just there right where it belongs.  It’s where the tangled in stitch comes for me.  I never really did that with my heart ornaments.  Yes they are all hand drawn and hand embroidered so they are all one of a kind but it doesn’t feel that way to me. It feels like I’m an ornament factory.  When I make ornaments for the coop I do them in batches of 5 so I’m doing 5 different sheep, or 5 different joy pillows, but they are still sheep and joy.  I think for my Etsy shop along with the sheep and the joy I’m gonna get a little more artistic with them.  A little more organic a little more float to my boat. Mix things up a bit more.  What do you think?  Your opinions matter because I really want this to work and I’m working to make sure every ornament feels…

A little more peace

Hi All.  I have been hand embroidering since I was a child.  My grandmother taught me and it is my greatest gift.  I love to do peace signs and peace pillows because that is what hand embroidery is to me, peace.  It takes the edge off my mind and my days.  If I’m having a hectic day just a few minutes embroidering brings me right back to my center.  I used to say I’d like to live in a hand embroidered cocoon and I still feel that way.  I guess in my own way it is a hand embroidered cocoon.  What brings you peace?  These peace hearts have been added to my Etsy shop.

Joy and Cats too

I have added more one of a kind ornaments to my Etsy shop.  They have both been quite popular at craft fairs and at Valley Artisans Market where I sell them year round.  You really have to see them all together to recognize how different they are.  I look at them as little separate works of art.  Thanks for looking.  Deb