Sunday, March 29, 2015

Marmalade Skies

Well it's been a while, a long while.  I've not quite found my voice or my vision yet but I haven't given up.  This piece is called Marmalade Skies and it was inspired by the Beatles.  When I think of marmalade skies I think of some sort of psychedelic dream.  Most of my work is inspired by some sort of psychedelic dream.  I get stuck when I change my vision and try to do work that will appeal to the masses coming from my slightly more than ordinary mind.  Stuck in the mud of brown and ecru and country red.

Not that there is anything wrong with brown and ecru and country red but my heart sings for turquoise, orange and lime green.  Color wakes me up from the ordinary world of perfection that lies outside my window on a sunny day.  I can't compete with Gods vision.  I can't recreate the sound of the birds, the briskness of the air, or the snow glistening on the pavement. I can only march down the road of making my life more colorful.  Of making my heart sing even if it is only to old Beatle songs.

I've realized in the past few months that the only thing we have any control over is our own selves.  When we try to march to society's drum we get stuck in a parade of not our own making.  So I've written a blog post and spent a few precious hours working on a vision and that will have to be enough for today.  God Bless and keep stitching.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Spring Ahead

Hi All!  It's been a while but I think it's time to come back and try again so here I am.  I've missed all of you and missed writing too.  I've continued to make work and embroider and have a few tricks up my sleeve and lovely pictures to accompany them but that's for another day.

It's very hard to admit that you've been stuck in 2 feet of snow in your mind.  But I've been stuck in two feet of snow in my mind.  My mind was so jumbled for a while, I couldn't really find my way out.  In the meantime I've made many beautiful pieces, found many beautiful friends both old and new, loved my beautiful son and added a dog to the mix.  I've got a lovely part time job doing work I really enjoy with people I enjoy doing it with. My life is so much better and I have so much to be grateful for.

But writing on my blog was elusive.  It was a failure really. I guess when you are stuck in the negative mindset of your mind and everything you love becomes in your mind the only way out you get stuck there.  I tried to deal with my issues without medication so it took a little longer to shovel out the snow or the fog or whatever you want to call it.  But I feel like I'm ready to share my art and share my thoughts every once in a while.  I'm not sure I will ever get back to the daily everyday writing but when you consider yourself an artist and a writer you have to at least try.  So..............

This is my response to the 2 feet of snow outside my window.  Embroider a spring tree and spring forward.  Yesterday was yesterday can't go backwards doesn't work so move forward.  Think about the sunny days ahead and take care of the snow on your walkway and the snow in your mind.  Love the people you love even if they don't love you. Accept responsibility for your shortcomings and try.  So I will share some really beautiful colorful pieces and try to find colorful entertaining words to accompany them.  Keep stitching, keep loving, keep trying!  Hopefully it's never too late. Hugs.  Deb

Monday, November 10, 2014

Samantha's Cafe and Catering

I am so excited for my upcoming show of hand embroidered art  at Samantha's CafĂ© and Catering.  It is called Tied Up in Knots and features 14 pieces created with beautiful French knots.  The opening reception is this Thursday from 5 to 8.  If you happen to be in Glens Falls please come.

I am busy making art and still having a bit of a problem writing my blog.  Thinking of  all of my bloggy friends and all of the wonderful artists whose blogs I have followed.  I hope to be joining you again soon.  Keep stitching.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I guess I don't have to tell you that my art and my writing has been sort of a slog lately.  For the last two years to be exact, I've been kind of lost in a world of loneliness and then overcompensating not to be alone.  Grateful to have met many good friends on the path of not wanting to be alone.  But it has interfered with my work, an artist really needs to be alone and ok with the isolation and loneliness that being an artist sometimes can bring.  I'm really trying to get used to that feeling.  Thanks in advance for reading this post hopefully it will be the first of many in my new life.

Yesterday I went to the opening for the Fences Select Show in the Art Center of the Capital Region where I have recently rented an art studio and where Primal Scream was selected as one of 50 out of 300 entries.  It was very exciting and very humbling.  When it comes to meeting new people and carousing I am the life of the party.  When it comes to tooting my own horn, sharing my art not so much.

I met a lovely woman at the opening(I also met the juror which was quite a thrill to hear him talk of my work in such a way, I digress)who walked up to me and called me by name.  I had never met her before but she had seen my work(and my picture) for years at Valley Artisans Market and told me a story of a piece that she had purchased.  It was a little heart with the word Joy on it.  A simple word, a wonderful concept.  She told me that her friend had cancer and needed a little joy so she gave the heart to her. It hit me like a lightning bolt that this tiny little heart made someone else's day a bit better.  Someone who needed a little joy.  I took that as a sign from God that it is time to get back to work.  It is time to make art because we never really know what impact or what having it means to another.  It is time to help others find peace and meditation and help them to finish their projects(or finish them for them).  It is time to bring their favorite things to life(as a commission).    It is time to let joy rule my life instead of fear.  So here goes.

Thank you for reading this post I'm more than a little rusty.  If you would like to commission a work, let me finish a treasured heirloom, or learn how to hand embroider, crochet or knit please let me know.  I will be opening my Etsy shop up again soon(I want to have my ducks in a row before I start). If you see something you like in the meantime drop me a line. 


Friday, May 2, 2014

The Art of Accretion

The Long and Winding Road is being shown at The Shirt Factory Gallery in Glens Falls, NY during the Art of Accretion show.  The show runs from May 2 to May 31, 2014 with an opening reception this evening from 5 to 8 pm.

The definition for Accretion is the process of growth or increase, typically by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter.  Nothing describes my work, my life or this piece better.  Some day I will share the story about how this piece came to pass but for today I am excited and looking forward to an excellent opening. A beautiful show with the works of Robin Blakney-Carlson and Jeanne Noordsy two wonderful felt artists and Barbara Melville who does the most extraordinary hand embroidery.

I have also rented an art studio in Troy NY making a commitment to myself and my work and looking forward to many new opportunities.  I am working on a new piece and will share updates to that and my upcoming future work and projects here on the blog.  I wish you a lovely day and a wonderful weekend and if you are up in the Albany/Saratoga area please come see our work.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Come With Me

Strings of sunshine floating through the atmosphere,
Suspended in the air causing the flowers to open, the trees to bud,
A giant ball in the sky shining deeply in rays twisting and turning,
Opening up for you and me and putting an end to the darkness in our souls and the ice in our veins,
Somewhere a child is smiling, laughing, joyful,
The umbrellas and snowshoes have been put away it is another day.
The ice is melting, the rivers are flowing,
And we smile and dance in the sunshine.
Come with me now, dance with me,
The big ball in the sky speaks to us,
Come with me, dance with me.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Day In the Life

This is a snippet of a piece I am working on now.  It is called Changing Directions, it is piece comprised of chain stitches and French knots.  I’ll share when it’s finished.
It’s been a really long time hasn’t it been?  Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t?  Either way it’s time I try to make my dreams come true.  I gave up clear and simple.  I gave up.  I thought I wasn’t a good enough writer and I couldn’t find the words to write anymore.  Very clear and very simple.
Yesterday I went to see Kathy at the Katbird Shop and realized just how much work I produced when I believed I could be an artist, before the divorce, before starting to worry about the future all the time.  It was so much easier to embroider all the time when I wanted to escape, now that I’m free not so easy.  One thing about security besides sometimes feeling like you are in a prison it makes it easy to escape into whatever world you wish to be in.  You have someone else making enough money so you can eat, you have a roof over your head you don’t have to worry about paying for, and the big one you don’t have to worry about being alone.  Loneliness is a tough one.  I hate to be lonely, absolutely hate it.  I will go to a supermarket opening just to avoid sitting in my apartment alone, silly isn’t it?
I took myself to Panera and had a tuna fish sandwich and some chips by myself, the highlight of the afternoon was watching a man clean off his table so beautifully and meticulously and then sit down to drink a cup of coffee.  I was impressed. I am always impressed by a man who takes care of himself.
Now let me get to the point, last night I went to see a Beatles tribute band with some friends.  I had an excellent time.  The guitarist was someone I met in passing previously and he told me he was thinking of giving up playing in bands because he had a full time job which was paying his bills.  I can tell you after seeing him play that would have been a terrible mistake, he’s a damn good guitar player.  The entire band was made up of very good musicians who need his guitar playing. While I was listening to him play, he showed me the errors of my own ways. If you love something and you have since you are a child you have to make it work.  Somehow, someway.   You owe it to yourself and you owe it to those around you, because unfulfilled love will haunt you every day of your life.  Someone out there is waiting to see what you write or waiting to see your next piece of art or waiting to hear your next guitar solo.  Go for it.
And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make (the End by the Beatles).  Be back soon with another day in the life.  Keep stitching!