Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Pond

I don't seem to be in much control of my life at the moment, the high point of my day was seeing my beautiful son unexpectedly on my walk through my old neighborhood, but yesterday I set a goal to fill in the pond on this piece and accomplished it late last night.  This morning  I wrote a poem to accompany it so here it is.

The Pond

The pond is shiny and bright,
Carefully reflecting, the early morning light.
Peaceful and tranquil it winds through its day,
Barely a ripple can ruin its sway.
Fish are swimming, living life in the pond,
They never really wonder, what lies beyond.
Lilies take root, growing past their borders,
They are joining other lilies, in the beautiful tranquil waters.
A duck flies by and takes a swim,
It is a beautiful pond just waiting for him.
Inviting and lovely it calls my name,
When you look at the beauty it’s really a shame.
I live so far away from a pond don’t you know,
I hope someday to find one nearby where I can go.
And reflect on its beauty, there’s nothing to say
I am just looking for a beautiful way to end the day.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Re-opening Etsy Shop

This little Bluebird is available at my Etsy Shop.  https://www.etsy.com/listing/130703304/bluebird-heart-hanging-pillow? 

Well I'm hoping the second time is a charm.  I'm finally ready to get back to work and to try selling  my art again on Etsy.  It will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that this time around.  I am going to go back to my roots and sell accessories(and maybe something a bit more complicated) for the home and the body and some of the crocheted baby items I was known for in a previous lifetime. I'm also thinking of making patterns of my original designs and offering those up for sale too.   I hope you will check back and see what's happening and that you will check out my Etsy shop.    It's been a bit of a slog and I've got ideas coming out the kazoo and the time to pursue them so it should be interesting.

I've also been writing poetry and my life story but just trying to remember how to write without a filter so may not be sharing my writing for a little while longer. I'm rather fragile about sharing and getting negative feedback which stops me dead in my tracks so I'm just doing what I can while I can.  Thanks for stopping by and for taking a look at the Bluebird of Happiness which is a great way to open my shop the second time around.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Sun

Sunny Sampler available at the Katbird Shop.

The Sun

The sun shines brightly both night and day,
All over the world in its own special way,
Depending on where depends on the how,
But it is shining somewhere right here and now.
From sea to sea, and sky to sky,
It makes us remember when it says goodbye,
That each day is a gift when sunshine abounds,
But rain is needed for the plants in the ground.
A cleansing of the soul is always needed,
After a d ay of hot sunshine when our hearts get heated,
So live and let live and find ways to be happy,
Ways to make your sun shine in a way that’s not sappy,
With presence and reverence I sit here today,
Hoping to make life fine and find the way,
For those in the universe I hope and I pray
That we can find peace in each and every day,
Because peace is the answer along with the love,
That comes with the sunshine from way up above.

Monday, April 22, 2013

So Many Moments

So Many Moments

It was a trip I didn’t know I was taking until the night before,

There were so many beautiful moments to remember,

The bus was that winding down from the country to the big city.

I had a talk with a friend who looked at me for a moment and got it.

She told me to live in the moment; let everything go, no yesterday, no tomorrow, just now.

The beautiful angels I heard singing in Central Park, they sang Ave Maria and tears came to my eyes.

The beautiful courtyard I saw at Saint Bart, just a lovely peaceful sight in the middle of the big city with the choir in the background.

I’ll remember thinking that more churches should leave their doors open so people can find peace in their surroundings. 

We walked down Madison Avenue and looked at beautiful things, nothing as beautiful as the humanity.

They were everywhere, smiling, happy, eating, and cuddling.

I ate an ice cream cone from Mr. Softee.

 I ate pizza which although delicious wasn’t as good as the pizza at home.

 I’ll remember or forget the cheesecake from Juniors that I didn’t buy and the free coffee that was on the house.

Yes food, there is always food in every day.

I will remember the homeless man scrounging through the garbage for a bite, staggering from disease. 

He needed a bite, the remorse that I didn’t give it to him; too busy enjoying my own slice of heaven.

I’ll remember the Buddhist monks that were everywhere, reminding me that God shows up in many forms.

He shows up in the child running off from his parents.

I heard the beautiful sound of silence in the Church of the Savior.

I’ll remember the reminiscing of growing up just a stone’s throw from the greatest city in the world.

I’ll remember taking the winding road taking me home watching James Bond 007.

I’ll remember the ride in darkness from the bus to my home with the lights of a beautiful day leading my way.

I am hoping I will always remember seeing God and feeling connected to the world on a beautiful unexpected day in New York City. 

Thank you Judy,  I will be forever grateful for the beautiful unexpected day in the city!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Sun is Shining

Missed a few days, went back to my high school reunion, got sidetracked.

The Sun Is Shining

The sun is shining brightly,
Outside my window pane,
It is saying with its loveliness, spring is here, spring is here.
A new beginning beckons, come see me, taste me, and feel me.
Love is everywhere in the buds, loved by God into opening.
In the birds who have returned to the frigid tundra.
In the rain that will bring beautiful flowers and food for thought and body.
But for this moment in this time there is the love of the warming sun,
It is calling me to follow it, I have followed it up into the woods,
By a lake, I reached the end of the road and traveled back,
Got lost, found a dog but not sure I can take care of myself right now,
I gave him a name on my way home.  Perhaps tomorrow.
Walked through the trees and the grocery.
All on a beautiful sunny day.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wake Up

Available at Valley Artisans Market

This is another poem.  I am not quite polished as a poet YET!  But I will never be a writer if I don't write, I will never be a hand embroidery artist if I don't hand embroider, and I will never feel alive unless I figure out a way to be myself without needing to be perfect.  Make peace with yourself, fall on your face and hope to get back up tomorrow morning with a loving face looking into yours.  That's my plan.  Here's my poem.

Wake Up
Wake up, be counted,
Don’t wait for the why,
Wake up, be counted,
Before we all die.

See the beauty of the sun,
Hear the sound of the waves,
Take the day off tomorrow,
We are not born to be slaves.

Give a shit about living,
Your neighbors and friends,
Make sure they know you love them,
In case the world ends.

The world is not perfect,
And neither are we,
Perfection is an illusion,
Meant to keep us from who we wish to be.

Each of us comes with an expiration date,
So wake up and be counted, before it’s too late.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Hour

Spring Tree 
Available at Valley Artisans Market

The Hour

The   trail,
The sun,
The gentle breeze,
The runner,
The birds,
The river,
The falls,
The bench,
The couple and their dogs,
It was a beautiful hour with God.

Sorry I didn't have my camera, it was a beautiful hour.

Monday, April 8, 2013



Sometimes it is the color of my heart,
But most days it is the color of the sky,
The color of the sea,
The color of a bluebird, happy as can be.
The color of my father’s eye,
The color of a rainbow,
The scarf that I want to buy.
The color of my first car,
The one I loved so much.
The color of some music,
That sings of life and loss.
The color of my heart for some unhappy hours,
But not for want of trying.
I’m going to think of the beauty of blue,
To keep my soul from dying.