Friday, October 3, 2008

Tangled Threads Abound

Oh what a tangled web we weave(or more accurately embroider). Been working pretty hard and hardly working. Got side-tracked by knitting(yes knitting). When I embroider I have a filter, a filter that lets me do anything I want(including watching politics) and being able to work through it(love the windy wisty tangled threads). Well brought some purses in to the store, knit purses. Since knitting makes me happy and seemed to make other's happy too figured I'd knit myself into oblivion. Unfortunately when I knit I can do more then one thing at a time and it's much too easy to put down the knitting, so got back into the politics. Right around the conventions, and then the nasty commercials, and then the debates and then the financial meltdown and well been kinda wasting my time with my nom de plume in tact debating politics online. Kind of twisted myself up in a million zillion little tangles and realized that I am a person that has a hard time taking myself seriously. In other words I feel like I'm on the cusp of something big almost reaching my potential(as a fiber artist not a political pundit) and screech on the breaks. Took me a couple of weeks to realize it was the knitting, not your normal average reason for letting your budding career grind to a screeching halt that allowed me to escape from my greatness. So here I am again, hopefully now that I've figured out the method to my madness or more importantly the method out of my madness(those wonderful embroidery threads comingling in the most extraordinary way)I will be hanging out a bit more often here at my blog. And have lots of projects to share. I have a couple in the camera so hopefully will be back soon with pictures, lots of them. Hope to see you soon. Hope to see me soon.