Monday, February 9, 2015

Spring Ahead

Hi All!  It's been a while but I think it's time to come back and try again so here I am.  I've missed all of you and missed writing too.  I've continued to make work and embroider and have a few tricks up my sleeve and lovely pictures to accompany them but that's for another day.

It's very hard to admit that you've been stuck in 2 feet of snow in your mind.  But I've been stuck in two feet of snow in my mind.  My mind was so jumbled for a while, I couldn't really find my way out.  In the meantime I've made many beautiful pieces, found many beautiful friends both old and new, loved my beautiful son and added a dog to the mix.  I've got a lovely part time job doing work I really enjoy with people I enjoy doing it with. My life is so much better and I have so much to be grateful for.

But writing on my blog was elusive.  It was a failure really. I guess when you are stuck in the negative mindset of your mind and everything you love becomes in your mind the only way out you get stuck there.  I tried to deal with my issues without medication so it took a little longer to shovel out the snow or the fog or whatever you want to call it.  But I feel like I'm ready to share my art and share my thoughts every once in a while.  I'm not sure I will ever get back to the daily everyday writing but when you consider yourself an artist and a writer you have to at least try.  So..............

This is my response to the 2 feet of snow outside my window.  Embroider a spring tree and spring forward.  Yesterday was yesterday can't go backwards doesn't work so move forward.  Think about the sunny days ahead and take care of the snow on your walkway and the snow in your mind.  Love the people you love even if they don't love you. Accept responsibility for your shortcomings and try.  So I will share some really beautiful colorful pieces and try to find colorful entertaining words to accompany them.  Keep stitching, keep loving, keep trying!  Hopefully it's never too late. Hugs.  Deb