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I love this hand crocheted scarf.  Ok I've said it, I love this scarf.  I especially love the colors.  Yes I know you cannot see the colors very clearly in the picture.  The center circle is this lovely greenish brown pinkish color and the outer color is this lovely brownish reddish color and they offset each other perfectly.  And they are circles.  What more could you ask for? 

This scarf is only available on the blog now for $45.00.  If you wish to purchase it, you can email me or comment with your email.  I am getting ready for the busiest season of the year and Albany Shaker is next week(can you believe it?) and then I will be starting a new circle.

I have signed up with an artist representative in Albany, more information on that soon.  I'm living in Whitehall but want to keep a presence down Albany way so I've found a wonderful company to represent me.  I'm very excited.  I''m bouncing back and forth at the moment with my work, I'm working on a knit …

Feeling Stronger

Hand-Embroidered Purse

This is my latest addition to my Etsy shop.  This one of a kind purse is hand embroidered and hand beaded  and has a lovely hand-beaded handle. It is lovely and elegant and can be used for either the simplest of nights out or the most fancy of evenings. 

You can find it here.

It's Taking Too Long


Hello Darkness My Old Friend


Appreciating the Past

I picked this piece to illustrate my point as it is filled with french knots, lovely time consuming, meditative french knots, which can only be done the old fashioned way, one french knot at a time.
We are in an exciting time of technological breakthroughs and we are able to listen to music on our phones, see art on our computers, read books on our Kindles and reach out and touch people through YouTube.But yet I can’t help thinking that we have lost something very important with all these technological breakthroughs.We’ve lost the simplicity of watching Elvis Presley on Ed Sullivan from the waist up, we’ve lost the feeling of going to a museum and seeing a real Picasso, and we’ve lost the ability to value the real thing.
Our schools are getting rid of art programs left and right, books and book stores have moved on to the more digital age and I would imagine the school trips to the Metropolitan Opera are now a thing of the past too.It seems perfectly all right in this society to banish …

A Simple Man

A Simple Man is a song by Lynard Skynard.It’s one of my favorites and reflects the outlook I have on life today.All anyone wants in life is to be accepted and driven by what they love.I love hand embroidering, crocheting and spinning a yarn.That is what I wake up every morning hoping to somehow reflect out into the world.
I am truly starting over.There is no backward motion anymore.The time has come to put one foot in front of the other, put the pedal to the metal and try to follow my dream wherever it may lead me.The last week has been incredible.I have so many more possibilities at the end of the week than I had in the desperation of having to find a place to live by yesterday (or seven yesterdays).I have a great roommate/landlord named Richard, a man who has followed his dreams through several incarnations and is about to embark on another one.I have a son who is learning how to live with me a little further away and becoming more independent and making me so proud of who he has bec…

Taking Care of Business

It's another lovely morning up here in Whitehall!  It's so peaceful here I can really feel myself starting to emerge from the doldrums by the minute.  This is the latest piece I am working on.  It is a pleasure to just work up here, I am going to make this short and sweet and then get back to creativity and the Ticonderoga Walmart.

Richard has told me it is a lovely ride and closer than Saratoga.  Every time I venture out from Whitehall I am floored by the beauty and tranquility of this beautiful place I am now calling home.  The beauty of the mountains, the centering nature of Whitehall and the idea that you can drive a 1/2 hour in every direction and find beauty and peace is just amazing. 

There are a lot of business opportunities for anyone so inclined, I myself am trying to decide whether I am so inclined.  Part of me says yes in a heartbeat and the other side says as much as I love it here will I still love it months from now. Time will tell.  In the meantime I am doing …

It's a Beautiful Day

This Heart Butterfly will be available at the Valley Artisans Market Seconds and Pottery Sale this weekend.  Every artist has work available at a reduced price and Kathleen the wonderful member in charge of this event has really outdone herself so please come by and shop!  Many of the artists will be in and out over the weekend so please come and meet us too!

The sun is shining on the water, I made some great eggs, and I’ve been embroidering for hours.What could be more beautiful?I don’t have any pictures to share my phone is upstairs and I am in the galley room.It looks like a galley, I’ll have to ask if that was the intention or not.The house is built on the water which I found fascinating really.I find everything about this place fascinating.One of the cats disappeared for hours only to be found somehow under a bench next to the kitchen. It was wild and woolly but all’s well that ends well.
I took a ride to Cambridge yesterday and the ride is even more beautiful from up north than i…

In the Still of the Night

Sometimes we end up in places and we have no godly explanation how we ended up there.  That is sort of where I am at the moment.  I am exactly where I need to be at this moment and I have no Godly explanation of how I ended up here.  A week ago I was still getting over the shell shock of being sent out into the cold hard world before I deemed I was ready.  I personally thought I needed at least a couple more days of rest and relaxation in the behavioral unit before attempting to live again in the real world again.

Hence the powers that be and my insurance company decided not quite.  So I started the week of hotel, which was ultra cool having a jacuzzi and a really cool bathtub to soak in.  And somehow in desperation and a realization that I couldn't live at home(I think I can visit and probably be a friend to the experience but I can't live in my old home) I answered a listing on Craig'slist and ended up overlooking some water, eating ganache on my birthday and marveling …

Good Day Sunshine

Good day sunshines!  Hope everyone who reads this is happy and chipper this morning.  I am happy and chipper.  I have somehow managed to live on planet earth for 53 years without growing up. Today is my 53rd birthday and have much to be thankful for.  First off my son, who made the last 21 years the bomb.  Secondly my family, they have been so wonderful in these past few months(and the rest of my life too, one of the best parts about crashing and burning is being embraced by the people who knew you when you were too young to crash and burn) and then there are the friends.  What can I say I'm blessed!

I am still at a crossroads in my life, as lovely as Whitehall is it is not the destination of my dreams but it could be the destination of anybody with a dream.  There is so much freakin opportunity here it is teeming all over town, maybe teeming the wrong word to use but bursting out is more accurate.

Everywhere you look there is a vacant building waiting to be moved into.  An artis…

A New Beginning

A view like this.
A meal like this. A trusty dog.
Ok so I was freakin out 2 hours ago because I am in my new apartment.  I am here alone(hopefully that's not a mistake to say so).  My landlord/roommate had to work, I am locked out of my room and can't figure out how to turn the lights on in the room I'm in now.  So what else would Debbie do but panic.  But DebraAnn looked out the window(after panicking) realized the lodge across the street was having a chicken barbeque and ate.  Drank a little wine.  Ok and whined a little too.  And realized I have a big old couch a tv and a really good air conditioner(not to mention a sweet as pie dog) on this very hot day and am thankful for the  new opportunity.  I'm sure my new landlord/roommate will come back for his dog and 4 cats.  Yes he likes cats and has 4 of them because he can't stand the thought of euthanizing them.  He's a chef and a bartender although I had to wing it earlier when I made lunch on the industrial…