Friday, February 29, 2008


All my life's a circle;
Sunrise and sundown;
Moon rolls thru the nighttime;
Till the daybreak comes around.

All my life's a circle;
But I can't tell you why;
Season's spinning round again;
The years keep rollin' by.

Those are the lyrics to a lovely song by the late Harry Chapin and they kind of describe my life lately. I was lucky enough to see Harry Chapin when I was in my teens and promptly fell in love with his music. He was such a great man, such a talent and taken way too early. The name of the song is Circle so perhaps you can download it.

OK well if you read my posts you know I've been a bit circular myself lately. A good day, a bad day. I've deleted a couple of posts and edited a few more because they don't really reflect my feelings at the moment. Or my work. I have gotten back to work, have put away the crossword puzzles and am embroidering a bag which I intend to send to Belle Armoire. My son is back in school and not having to worry about him has done wonders for my mood and my outlook on life. He is hardly on the pain killers also. Sunday evening was just normal as his oral surgeon said. You cannot find any information on bleeding after day two anywhere on the web so as a public service announcement, if you or anyone you love starts bleeding profusely five days after oral surgery, try gauze first(not the non stick kind as the blood rolls off it) and if that doesn't work use tea bags for the tannic acid and it is just normal. He is healing nicely.

OK so for a while I'm going to focus on my work and not my feelings so don't be surprised if you only find a picture and a description.

The above purse is a freeform thread crochet purse. I loved making it and it is lined in satin. Freeform crochet is crocheting without any rules. Different shapes connected in different ways. My purse is lovely but to see the wonders of freeform crochet, do a google search and prepare to be amazed. There are many ladies(and men too I suppose) who use this art form to make beautiful, beautiful projects.

So that's it for now. Thank you all for commenting especially my friends who commented on Brown. Your kind words were so greatly appreciated! Love and gratitude to you all. Keep stitchin and perhaps go download that beautiful song.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Middle of the Night

I'm up in the middle of the night taking care of my wonderful son who was excessively bleeding about 20 minutes ago. Not sure what happened but he woke up with blood gushing out of his wisdom teeth extraction. I made an emergency phone call and he now has a tea bag on his extraction. I have to keep it there for 45 minutes so I decided to post.

I did a little embroidery today finally. I'm working on a purse which I intend to send into Belle Armoire. I also watched the Oscars. It was wonderful to see people so excited about winning and being there and the beautiful fashions.

My friend Judy has a new blog so I'm putting her link on my link page. She's a very talented photographer. She also has a wonderful new opportunity so I am thrilled for her.

Oh well gonna drop off for now. 15 more minutes and hopefully we can go to bed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today is a happy day. My son had his wisdom teeth and another removed today. He felt well enough to eat macaroni and cheese instead of yogurt for dinner and he says it's not so bad so far. Trying not to be too optimistic as tomorrow when everything wears off he may not feel as well as he does today but since I have been an absolute wreck I am feeling relieved tonight. I didn't realize just how nervous I have been until I left the room when the oral surgeon came in. Was too nervous to even embroider. It's not good when I'm too nervous to embroider. Haven't been able to embroider for days, maybe nerves were with me then too. So I think I'm going to go in wisdom and relax for a while. thanks everyone for all your well wishes and for giving me some badly needed advice. i'll be back tomorrow or the next day with pictures and an update.

Keep stitching(I might just go do that myself)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Checking In

I've been feeling under the weather again. Think I caught the flu from the lovely young lady on her first day back to CVS from being sick with the flu. This time I haven't really felt up to working even. I hate when I feel too crappy to be creative.

I'm bored out of my gourd. Can't be inspired enough to work on Illusion which is Inspire Me Thursday's prompt for the week in case you have a project just waiting to be seen.

I'm running out of things to say. Miss you all.

Thank you all for dropping in and leaving lovely messages. I think I'm going to go to the links on my page and be inspired. Perhaps if you read this you will too!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh well!

It seems I've gone missing again. I had a reason for it but it's a crazy reason. I have been working and finished a project. It's not framed yet but I may share it tomorrow anyway. You'll see why if I do!

I've been using the laptop and talking politics but of course, but the Inspire Me Thursday prompt was a face and I was going to share Stella. She's in my flickr account if you care to see her. She is based on my desktop where I can't watch politics(but of course) so I put off my blog entry and well I guess you can figure out the rest so although I have a wonderful project to share with Inspire Me Thursday she's sleeping right now. And I've been sleeping with her. Or more accurately spending too much time on the laptop and watching politics on tv.

So there is my plight and my oh well story. I will start posting more regularly now that all the hoopla is basically behind us. So please accept my apology and hope to see you soon. Happy Stitching!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Working Day

Today is a working day. The first one I've had in a couple of weeks so if you don't mind I'll probably make this short and sweet. I have been tagged a couple of times but will return the favor next time I'm on the computer.

This is one of my first happy bags. It's been a while but knitting makes me happy so I call them happy bags(except for the first one which was an angry bag which made me happy). This one was supposed to be mine. It has luxurious textures, mohair and novelty yarns and my favorite wool cascade 200 all in the delightful color green. Then I hand beaded the darn thing, the handle is full of beautiful green beads with a drop in the middle and there is a drop on the closing too. Therein lies the problem I'm not really a bead person, although I think since it is a great representation of my work I may have to become one. So I've tried to sell it and although I've sold others like it, this one is still MINE. So it is mine, I just have to get up the nerve to use it myself.

Nothing else is really new except that I seem to have worked my way out of the block I put myself in. My glass is still a little bit overwhelming so I think I need to get back to work. I started a new hand embroidery project(I thought working on the other one exclusively probably helped keep me stuck, although it is a beautiful piece of work). So onward and forward. Apologies to all those who made my blog a habit which I unfortunately broke. I think I have gotten over the rough part and have downloaded more then one picture so you'll have something to look at if nothing else.

Keep stitching. See you soon. Visit the links in the meantime because they are all wonderful and I'll be tagging soon!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Glass/Inspire Me Thursday

Well the topic is glass. Several thoughts go through my mind. Could it be through the looking glass. Through the heart of glass. Glass half empty/glass half full. Stained glass. Well how bout we say my glass runneth over. It seems the last topic for Inspire Me Thursday inspired me to come out of my comfort zone just a wee bit too much. After days and weeks of my glass running over as a metaphor for my words running over I seemed to block myself for a short while. It didn't help that I was stuck making a crocheted table runner that I had to do but sad to say didn't inspire me. Although after I get it back from my class I think I'm going to add some interesting appendages.

My last inspire me thursday post said a lot of things about my work that I usually keep to myself, but being inspired meant not thinking about my inspiration before I shared it. I had so many lovely responses to it so thank you very much if you happened to comment about it. But it's kind of hard being brave enough to say you are scared to death to take the next move. So I've been in limbo since then obsessing about my political leanings and not much else. As easy as it is to distract myself it was quite easy to get caught up in the Super Tuesday and someone else's destiny.

Well being caught up in someone elses destiny especially when it brings tears to your eyes is not so good for your own creative juices. So since tomorrow is Super Tuesday I will let Mr. Obama worry about his destiny(although if you are destined to vote for him please be sure to do so) it's time for me to get back to my own life.

So I am embroidering again. And my tears have subsided and my fears have subsided and my glass is overrunning with optimism and hope. So please check back Wednesday and I will have new pictures and some tags to deliver. Hopefully I can figure out the tag thing in the meantime. Blessings to all of you and keep stitching.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Yes We Can!

I am a New Yorker, a very blue New Yorker in more ways then one. Being a New Yorker in the year of Hillary means my vote may not make a difference. But I am inspired to say Yes We Can Make a Difference! I am inspired because I have to be inspired. I live to be inspired. I want to be inspired. I want to make a difference. I want the war to end. I want the people of New Orleans to be able to go home. I want my son to not have to worry about being in a war I don't agree with. I want to see my country become whole again. I want to be part of the United States of America not just a blue state in a blue part of the country. I want people to have health care. I want to see justice. I want to believe in something real again. I must believe in something real again. It is necessary for me to dream and be able to work again. To believe that there is something bigger then myself. To not have to worry about being attacked again like we were on 9/11. To work with other countries to make sure that is a possibility. To be free. To be able to talk to my neighbors and not have to worry about being politically incorrect. We have been a country of politically incorrectness for more then a decade. We cannot talk politics in anything other then hushed tones for fear that we may offend someone. I don't want to offend people with my political views. I want peace. I want a new beginning. I want to be part of a movement that moves us into a better place. I want to go to the voting booth on election day and vote FOR somebody and not against somebody. I want this long, terrible nightmare to be over. I want to believe YES WE CAN! I want every child in our country to be able to say some day I will grown up and be president and actually believe it. I want to believe. I need to believe. I wish to be an artist and to express myself. I want to be able to write on my art blog what I actually believe in. I want politics to be something we don't even need to talk about. I believe we are the edge of something huge. A way to recover our dreams and move on from the pain of the last few years. Blessings to all.

In my own little corner of the world I have gotten back to my hand embroidery and that has made all of the difference. Peace love and understanding to you all. Yes We Can.