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Have Love Will Travel

The Life of a Tree


I Fell Down a Rabbit Hole

All of my life I have been falling down rabbit holes.  Things would be going smoothly and I would be following my dreams and then something would happen in the world or my world and I would shut down and fall down a rabbit hole.  I solved puzzles, or played solitaire or lost myself in my work(which was a productive rabbit hole to fall down). To be honest and authentic  I've spent a lot of my life lost in one drama or another.  Perhaps I'm a drama queen stuck in a drama habit or perhaps I'm just a sensitive soul that has a hard time navigating through the real world without getting detoured.

Really doesn't matter, if you are lost in your head or in my case trying to escape, it is very easy to forget the plans and forget the dreams and just wake up every morning with an endless to do list and a million ways to waste your time doing things that really aren't all that important.  And then one night in the middle of the night you wake up and you look at all the things …

A Funky Soul Day

This funky soul is Lucinda.  She is currently living at Valley Artisans Market looking for the right man or woman to take her home. She is hand embroidered.

I am the authentically funky soul today.  No earthly delights seem to be working on this funk that goes way down to the soul day.   Perhaps it's the clouds, perhaps it's the temperature, perhaps it's just a day to remember so I can rejoice on a happy soul day.

Funky is a cool word.  You think of Funky Chicken and you smile.You hear a funky tune and it makes you move and if your soul feels in a funk you try to protect yourself a bit.  I fit into that last category so I'm listening to Mozart cos I'm a little too sensitive for words at the moment.

I'm working up at VAM( my favorite place on earth), hand embroidering,(my favorite thing to do) and listening to all kinds of music which usually rocks my world and soothes my savage beastly soul.  But today nothing is really doing it, not even Aretha Franklin.

So I…

A Little Sunshine to Meditate

Couldn't we all use a little more sunshine in our lives?  Sometimes when we are stuck in the middle of a dark and windy road we can use a litttle sunshine for the soul.  A reason to wake up and smell the roses or the coffee.

I have recently taken up meditation, to new age music, to silence, to chants, to classical music.  Any of them will take me where I want to go.  I close my eyes, breathe deeply and am transported to a simpler time and place.  A place of beauty and peace.  A place where even the most difficult questions can be answered peacefully.

Of course then I open my eyes and I am still having a wee bit of trouble getting back into the real world, but since I've started meditating I find that the minute I become present with my breath I can make it go away.  It is one of the greatest gifts I can give to myself. 

My human brain is very busy, it can take molehills and make them into a mountain range.  I appreciate the ability to find peace even if it is only a temporar…

Money Can't Buy You Love


What Are You Doing For the Rest of Your Life?

I don’t really have an answer to that question but it is a lovely song by Johnny Mathis.  Since anything I can write today about myself will be pretty pitiful I’m going to write about music.  I love music.  I love to dance, I love to sing.
Music has the ability to pick you up and drop you off in any destination you wish to visit.  It transcends life.  Whether it is the voice of an angel like Andrea Bocelli or the bluesy grrrr of the Black Keys, the music picks you up and carries to a place you might like to visit.
I love to listen to Chopin and imagine myself a child sitting next to him on the piano bench totally enamored of the beauty of his piano. It really is amazing to listen to the fingers going through all those keys so quickly and so beautifully. 
I imagine myself sitting in a room with Mozart just closing my eyes and letting the beauty of his music take me away, there is such a lightness and reverential feeling to his music.  His music …

Dream a Little Dream of Me