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A Day In the Life

This is a snippet of a piece I am working on now.It is called Changing Directions, it is piece comprised of chain stitches and French knots.I’ll share when it’s finished. It’s been a really long time hasn’t it been?Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t?Either way it’s time I try to make my dreams come true.I gave up clear and simple.I gave up.I thought I wasn’t a good enough writer and I couldn’t find the words to write anymore.Very clear and very simple. Yesterday I went to see Kathy at the Katbird Shop and realized just how much work I produced when I believed I could be an artist, before the divorce, before starting to worry about the future all the time.It was so much easier to embroider all the time when I wanted to escape, now that I’m free not so easy.One thing about security besides sometimes feeling like you are in a prison it makes it easy to escape into whatever world you wish to be in.You have someone else making enough money so you can eat, you have a roof over your head …