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I Won't Give Up


I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus and she was wearing this. They were out dancing at the company Christmas Party.  Cha, cha.

This piece is only available on the blog at the moment.  Email me if interested

Imagine Peace


Your Heart is In My Hands

Every day we use our hands to show where our heart belongs.When we are children, our parents hold our hands while we cross the streets. Our hands are held with another in young love.We offer our hands in marriage.We shake the hands of the people we meet. We hold the hand of the loved ones who are dying.
We use our hands to eat, to greet, to love.The touch of a human hand is the most important gift we can give to each other.It can console, it can love, it can caress.We can wave hello or wave goodbye.We eat with our hands.We hold a book in our hands.We embroider with our hands. We never give a lot of attention to all the things our hands do.We do most of these things without even realizing the important of hands, touch, and movement.
I am a hand embroidery artist.I give a lot of attention to my hands and the hands of other people.You can tell a lot about the hands of another.Do they look rough from manual labor? Do they look soft? Do they look hard? Do they look like they belong in the han…

Rainbow Fish

This delightful little rainbow fish is looking for a wall to hang out on, preferably near a fish tank so she isn't lonely.  She is available in my Etsy shop now.  She's on groovy watery blue fabric and even has a little heart hand embroidered right smack dab in the middle of her chubby little body.  She's framed in a 4 x 6 simple black frame so she'll fit in anywhere especially in a child's room as she loves to watch over children too.  As usual she is more impressive in person as my photography could use a few lessons.  Keep stitchin.

Speak to Me of Death


Robert Redbird

Robert Redbird had a new home before I even got a chance to share him.  I hope he is happy, which I know he is and the lovely lady who took him home smiles every time she sees him.

I'm thinking of hitting the road in a big way so if you know of a craft or art show looking for crafters or artists please email me and let me know.  I'm ready willing and able to do the work needed to find myself a new place to live and a new attitude.  I'm also offering my services as a hand embroidery teacher.  I wish I could teach the whole world how to hand embroider as there is nothing quite as satisfying as looking at a project that you have made with your hands and your heart.  Hand embroidery also has the hidden benefit of making those around you calmer(thanks to the lovely patron in Blue Mountain Lake who told me she read that).  So if you wish to learn, just email me and if there happens to be a craft show that weekend even better.

I will be honest and admit that I am searching at th…

God Given Talents

There is a parable in the New Testament about talent.God gives us talents and he expects us to use them.He doesn’t want us to die with our light still undiscovered within us.He wants us to take our skills, our strengths, our passions and build a life with them. A life in which each person cooperates in the bigger picture of life and stands strong and firm with othersto bring our world to a more perfect union.
We seem to have forgotten this parable somewhere along the way and appearances of wealth and class and stature seem to have taken over the day.Our ancestors survived for centuries without computers and IPhone yet it seems like these are necessities this day to do just about everything.Including using or selling your talents and that is probably God’s plan for the IPhone and computer too.
I am a hand embroidery artist, a writer, a talker and a listener (except it seems when it is advice being offered to me). Hand embroidery is probably a counter to the amount of words that swim arou…