Saturday, June 16, 2007

At a Crossroads

I think I must have mentioned that I belong to an artist coop and have discovered an artist in my body that I didn't know was there. Some days she competes with the crafter I used to be whose designs are all my own but boring and complacent. Today there was a clash of the titans. My work in the last 6 months has changed completely, I can't do ordinary very well, my previous work although lovely is kind of ordinary to be honest. So we have these beautiful unique one of a kind creations mixed in with the run of the mill ordinary designs of my past. As I had a modicum of success in the old version I tried to straddle the horse and not give up the ordinary. I guess I am still taking those darn baby steps. Today was sort of the end of the ordinary craft show and the ordinary work. I don't know what I am going to do with all the accumulated hours of my work and whether I should find space in my new direction anywhere for them. I'm thinking of taking a scissor to them and giving them a facelift and a tummy tuck and a bootie fixture. I may have to hide the scissors while I mull that one over.

But what do we do when we no longer wish to be ordinary. We no longer want to be passed by by chubby ladies in polyester. They will never buy the unordinary but since I had my standards and never did anything they would be interested in anyway they always seemed to pass me by. No toilet paper cozies for me(although I probably would be a millionaire if I had done them). I was sort of the pillow queen. Find a inspirational saying or a lovely primitive heart with twigs and berries and I was your girl. But I don't want to make lovely primitive hearts with hundreds of french knots anymore and sell them for $20.00 because that is what the ladie who does not make them detailed does(unless of course somebody wants one). I want to spread my wings and leap. Almost every artist person I met today told me to take the leap, to not bring the things that no longer define who I am but I am still nervous about the business I have already built up. What have you done when faced with this question and any advice you can give me will be very appreciated?

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