Monday, June 25, 2007


No pictures of my work, my digital camera is packed to the gills and I've been too busy to go get them developed, but soon I will have brand new ones to share with you. So I decided to let you see my beautiful dog Charlotte. This is kind of an old picture so now she looks like a Charley, but still very pretty. She's a West Highland terrier who has been man's(and woman's) best friend for 8 years now.

Workwise I've been making some crochet belts as it's a direction I've wanted to go in for a while so I'm seizing the moment. When I get some space on my camera I'll take some pictures. They are quite lovely. Life is pretty wonderful at the moment. Nice and busy. Family is doing well, dog is doing well, coop is doing well. All is right with the world at the moment. I'll be back tomorrow, enjoy my beautiful dog and the hopefully beautiful weather whereever you are. Keep stitchin.

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