Friday, June 22, 2007

The Coop

I worked in the coop today and had a wonderful time there. It is a beautiful place filled with beautiful work that makes me go a little beyond myself when I work there. Sometimes I wish I could be there every day it is so conducive to creativity. I am a fan of the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. My days at the coop are my artist's dates. I know all the artists and I'm familiar with their work being there once a week but every single week I find a little something mesmerizing and different about something. Today it was a beautiful mosaic mirror made by our lovely mosaic artist Tess. She joined the coop in the beginning of March and she is very talented. Her mirror is just extraordinary. Beyond the pieces of glass there was a lovely pattern behind it. I must ask her how she did it but maybe it is better to have the wonder of it. I think the wonder of how artists do the work they do is something I wish to give to others. I used to wish to give them something they would buy but now I have a want to make them wonder how I created something too.

I have been crocheting, embroidering and knitting since I was a very little girl but somehow it never really dawned on me to try to be anything other then ordinary until I joined the coop of course. I work on Friday mornings and the Friday gods were not very good to me in the beginning. It was either raining or snowing or freezing and there were not a lot of people out and about and I had a lot of time to think and create and ponder. I would look at my purses which other's always thought were very nice and think that someone could pick one up and figure out how I did it. Since we moved into our new location I think I'm going for works of art and wonder. Something extraordinary that people look at and wonder how I did it. Something that looks inspired by something bigger then myself. That is what I think of in the coop. That everyone's work is inspired by something bigger then themselves. I am thrilled to be in the company of such talented artists and they inspire me every Friday too.

If you are from the Capital Region in New York or you would like to know more about the artist coop, you can just click on the link and find out more about the Strolling Village Artisans in Ballston Spa.

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