Thursday, June 7, 2007

My work

I've come to figure out lately that it is my work that describes me best. Simple but complicated. As a fiber artist I love the details. Whether it is crocheting a christening dress or embroidering an ornament, I just love the little details. I think that pretty much describes my life too. I think sometimes we look at things and say wow that is beautiful but what is really behind the beauty. When it comes to my work there are many things behind the beauty. I know I don't create my art on my own. They come from another place, especially when they are complicated and detailed.

I have found out recently about myself that detailed fine work is what brings me down to earth. I'm a pretty high energy person and very affected by the energy of others. Once I get on a roll nothing can stop me, but a beautiful thread piece of art or a simple peace pillow with hundreds of little french knots can bring me peace in the middle of my chaos. I love what I do, it defines me. If I am working I am calm, which in this country as it is right now is a blessing.

My work although i didn't always call it that, has been my friend when my mother died, when I needed to be quiet when I was a little girl, my saving grace. Along with my husband, my son and my dog it is one of the few constants in my life. It has kept me sane in times of great sorrow and at peace when I'd rather be rabblerousing. Well I think I've shared enough about what my work means to me. I'll share some more when I finish with my current projects.

I may have mentioned I recently joined an artist coop and am still in the process of fine tuning my work and appreciating it for it's beauty and for all the work and peace and love that goes into it. See you soon.

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