Sunday, June 10, 2007

Out into the wide blue open

Another leap. It feels like all I do is leap lately. I joined a artist's coop, I changed my focus and now I'm trying the blogosphere. Look out below. I get these wonderful newsletter's once a week in my email from Alyson Stanfield. She has some great ideas and she planted the seed of blogging in my fertile mind several months back, but I didn't follow up(so what else is new). I guess maybe my time wasn't right, still had some things to figure out about me(isn't it always about me) before i could be comfortable with the fiber artist moniker. nevertheless a successful fiber artist. But now I'm ready. Lucky for you if you are reading this blog. Hopefully lucky for me if you are reading this blog.

I guess in life success doesn't come to us until we are ready for it. Until we get rid of all the bull that everybody else tells us and start listening to our own heart and our own dreams. Till we rid ourselves of habits that keep us stuck where we are(with my all out addiction to politics, which except for my one vote and my big mouth I can't do much about). Till we get past that teacher in the first grade who told us we couldn't draw. And then we have the wonderful opportunities we've let slip by. Once got an order for a thread sweater, kind of blew it off and years later realized the woman who ordered it worked in the garment industry. Some times we just have to get out of our way.

Now is my time. So the reason for this rambling post is I am trying to get my blog noticed on Technorati, only time will tell if this is gonna work. But experience tells me that even if one thing doesn't work out, it just wasn't right for you.

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