Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tai Chi

It's been a hectic few days and only seems to be getting more hectic, so I'm here to sing the praises of Tai Chi. It was the only peaceful hour I've had in days. I've had some pretty wonderful reasons for being busy, my 20th wedding anniversary was yesterday and my inlaws are coming up to visit this weekend but it's been hectic anyway.

I go to Tai Chi every Thursday and it is the best hour of my week usually. I have been going for a year and am amazed at the difference it has made in my life and my work. It allows me to go to a silent flowing place and find peace there. I'm not very good at the actual Tai Chi form, although getting better every week but the warmup and cooldown breathing exercises are wonderful. It has also unblocked a lot of blockages that have held me back in my life. The amazing part is you don't really even notice that it's happening. It's lowered my blood pressure, made my breathing better, helped me control my weight, and helped me to meditate and relax during some of my most stressful moments.

The difference its made in my work is rather subtle. But in looking back it has opened up my heart and my mind to a new way of working and thinking. When I am knitting or crocheting or embroidering it has become a meditative experience and because of the subtle changes in my body when I am at peace doing tai chi I can notice them during my work too. I don't really have anything left to add, except that if you take on this wonderful exercise it will change lots of things in your life besides your weight too. The eastern way of doing things seem to be much more beneficial to the mind and body then the western, although I think of it as a compliment and not really giving up on the Western way. If there is a lesson in your park go for it, try it and keep trying it and see if it works for you in the same way. Keep stitching and deep cleansing breathing.

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