Saturday, July 7, 2007

I'm awake and inspired

After watching LiveEarth all day I'm inspired by something more than a party. Unless the bozos running for President realize the serious nature of the world we live in and start thinking up solutions and telling US about them they deserve a revolution of awake and aware Americans. I want a candidate of ideas and brains not slogans. Anyone who can figure out the world's problems in a constructive manner deserves our support and all these wannabees deserve the curb if they can't figure out what is important to the American people NOW!

What is important to you? To me a constructive solution to this terrible war in Iraq that will still take care of the problem of global terrorism is what I want to hear? How bout you!

Tomorrow I will speak of my more creative outlets but today this was a little more important to me!God Bless you All(or whatever universal being you believe in) and Keep stitchin

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