Saturday, July 21, 2007

My tangled mess

Hi All. No pictures yet but I thought I would try to describe my blue hand. It is a hand embroidered hand, which started out as just a simple drawing of my hand. I then took my embroidery needle and a whole tangled mess of blues and started embroidering. I love tangled mess of threads, they are so random. As are my thoughts. Before I became an "artist" and started using my real name I wanted to be known as Tangled Thread Designs. I waited too long and I think someone else is using it anyway. But it describes me and my work the best. I am a tangled mess of threads all bunched up together in a way that makes me interesting and boring at the same time. Every time I pull a thread out of my tangled mess another one gets knotted up. Same thing happens with my embroidery thread.

I am a bit more complicated then the ordinary person who knows me knows. I have had one of those crazy lifes that always seem to revolve in and out of chaos. Since I was a little girl I have been complicated. My mother was an artist and even when I was little and I mean little she would paint pictures of clowns with tears running down their face and say they reminded her of me. I don't even have any of them. My father did not see the importance of them when he packed up my old house and moved on. Funny thing is I didn't really see the importance of them either until I became an "artist" at least in my own mind. See why I don't speak about the threads because I start talking about all the tangled little threads of my life.

Perhaps that is why I am so darn enthralled with tangled threads of embroidery and the randomness that keeps them oh so tightly enmeshed together. There is something so romantic about taking the perfect thread and finding the perfect place for it. In the beginning of my projects I just start with a full skein of something and put an outline but then out comes my tangled thread and every single thing I embroider comes out differently. It's all kismet. As is my life. Keep stitchin.

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