Thursday, July 19, 2007

An Old Picture From an Old Lifetime

this is an old picture. It was a custom pillow for a little boy named Oliver who liked bugs. I don't really like bugs and pillows aren't really my forte anymore but they are a small piece of what I am today. When my son was two I used to make all kinds of pillows for him and his friends. Most of them were Cross-stitch. I made boats and trains and batman and spiderman pillows. then I moved into the big time and made primitive pillows for an antique store that sold hand crafted items. I also made christening outfits and baby clothes. But the thing that most people wanted were the pillows. Even when I moved to my new house and restarted my business in the beginning all I ever sold were pillows. Big pillows, small pillows and Oliver's pillow. Flowered, beaded, hand embroidered, you name it I made it.

Somewhere along the way I started to shift a bit. I realized that I had a voice that wasn't being heard amongst all those pillows. So I knit beautiful scarves of beautiful yarns, I sold a couple of them but I had a hard time selling myself with them. Then I started making purses, knit purses and then on to hand embroidered purses. They are what I love to do. Late last year I finally bit the bullet and started making framed pieces. Art. I have spent the last 6 months realizing I am an artist. It rolls off my tongue now and lately I've been very creative making framed pieces. I sold one at the coop and now I just can't stop. I have slowly but surely become an artist and all that comes with the word artist. Somehow when one is making an art piece it unearths parts of yourself that you were unaware of. Sometimes it's down right painful and other times it fills me with a peace I've never known.

I'm making one of those pieces now and although it is not finished yet I somehow wanted to talk about it. It should be done in a few days and then I will share it, but I've been kind of in my own world making it and not sharing on my blog. So I killed two birds with one stone, I reminded myself of where I came from and I'm reminding myself where I'm going and this blog is on the path there. Keep stitching and be happy. In ending I hope Oliver is as happy today with his pillow as I am in talking about creating it.

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