Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm still stitchin my blue hand. It's almost finished and then I will frame it and share it. I'm one of those people that can't bear to share my work until it's finished. A few months ago in the coop we had an artists at work exhibit and it was so hard for me to start my piece and just work on it when I was there. As soon as the month was over and I brought it home I couldn't wait to finish it. That is kind of how I feel about my hand today.

After the hand I have a couple of other ideas brewing in my head. I love the feeling of new possibilities when I'm finishing a project. It keeps me going. I've got quite a few possibilities swimming around my head, but of course not enough hours in the day to possibly finish them. I am looking at my work and it is so weird how different it has become. I used to be a craftsperson and just make what I thought others would like, it was mostly about the process not so much the work. Now it is kind of everything all mixed in. I wish to have a style, and I think I do. I wish to be completely original and that is something that is a little harder, not because it is hard to be original but hard to take that risk. Judgement becomes a little more mixed into the work when it comes from you. But all in all it is the process that keeps me going. The mixing of colors and textures and taking small bits of thread and yarn and whatever I am working on and making them into something.

At the moment since I don't have a finished project to show you I am talking process. Hopefully you will come back and see the picture when it arrives. Until then I'll talk about my stitchin and what that means to me. Keep stitchin.

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