Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dreams, Olives & Light

I am known for my doozies of a dream life. One of my previous dreams prompted me to give up everything I'd known for 10 years and move to my new home where I've never been happier. Syncronicity is my best friend too. Next time I have a lot of time I'll share the story of how and why I believe in my dreams so much. But for now suffice it to say that I had a doozie last night.

Before I went to bed the verse your dreams are a wish your heart makes when you are first asleep popped into my head and wouldn't pop out, so I wrote it in my journal. Then I wrote that my dream was of being a successful artist, wife and mother. Then I wrote in my journal that it was time to stop giving up pieces of my life to my family that I love with all my heart but they are no longer with us. I don't think it is fair to our long departed love ones for us their loss loss from to keep us from our dreams. I'm a basically self saboteur from way back in my childhood. Not only do I feel my own losses acutely but I feel the losses of others just as deeply. Perhaps the self realization of how yet another national tragedy affected my personal psyche made me make that realization but it's been kind of an issue I've been dealing with for as long as I can remember. I think it's called empathetic intuition.

But then I went to sleep and I had the dream, it was about olives, olive oil and light, not to mention my Italian heritage. somehow it all mishmashed into one major dream realizing I have bits of pieces of my family members there for me to carry with me. My grandmother was named Lucy so of course when I awakened in the middle of the night after the dream, Santa Lucia was singing in my head. While I was laying there trying to go back to sleep there was an infomercial on the radio about you guessed it olives. The olive oil was used to light a lantern in my dream. Santa Lucia is the patron saint of light. I knew that but doublechecked it in my morning hours. I also checked out olives and they are known as a symbol of peace which I didn't really think of but they have many medicinal purposes and some of the ailments I struggle with were among them. Because of the syncronicities and the signs in the dream I believe the point they were trying to make is that my art should be light and much of my most recent work have many lights and light symbols in them. As I said earlier I think it's also the universe's way of letting me know my family is with me on my journey to live out my dreams. I have a lot of clutter to unearth before my life will be completely light filled but I am ready to do the hard work of uncluttering and refilling my life with light, love and my passion for my work. And I'm going to buy some of my favorite olives yesterday because I am an olive lover.

If you read this thank you for reading it all the way through and i hope your life is filled with light, love and passion for your work.

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