Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's been a while

Sometimes it feels like forever. I was on vacation this week and I turned 48. Not handling the 48 very well for a couple of reasons. My mom died when she was 48, she's officially been gone half my life as I was 24 when she died so I guess you could say 48 is a cruel number in the nostalgia department. On the up side I'm healthier then she was at my age. Although after a week of vacation from my work, from my diet and from structure I don't feel very healthy. I think the reason why my birthday hits me in varying degrees of depression because it's at the end of summer, a couple of weeks and it's all over. And being in the beautiful upstate part of NY I can honestly say we've had maybe about 2 weeks of summer if you lump all the hot days together.

We went to the track in Saratoga a couple of days. I didn't win but had a pretty good time anyway. We also went to Cooperstown to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I recommend it to anyone who reads my blog(the thousands of you, ok the one or two who somehow end up here). Enough b**chin lets talk about my stitchin. I am almost finished with my face which I have named Stella. I've known her name for weeks but have finally decided she's close enough to completion to tell the world. I'll post a picture when I have her framed. I also did a broken heart, yes a broken heart I haven't decided whether it's finished yet. There might be one other detail to add. And I did a couple of eye glass cases and purses to replace those I sold in the coop. There is a beaded gold thread on white silk and a furry knit one and a twigs and berry heart purse on gold satin. Sorry no pictures. I am still in digital purgatory with all my vacation pictures waiting till I get my butt to the store to develop them.

Oh well. I guess I've shared a lot and will be back on a more regular basis but not every day till my son goes back to school in a couple of weeks, I'm still kinda busy(I'm really busy) but will be able to take care of everything I have to including my blog and my camera in a couple of weeks. Keep stitchin.


Lisa said...

I finally went back and read your response to my question back in June--sometimes my attention span is lacking.
Funny how it can be hard to describe yourself as an artist until others do, or until you read something that clicks, like you did. I'm the same way. Right now I have some freeform purses in an art show, and it's really strange to think of myself as an artist that way. I'm starting to like it, though!

Lisa said...

Forgot to mention, happy birthday, even with all that goes along with it. I have a milestone birthday coming up myself, 40, but it's just a regular milestone.
Did your mom do any stitching? Even if she didn't, there's a lot of other things about her living on in you.

tangled stitch said...

Thank's lisa for your response. Good luck with your freeform purse. Ihope the show goes wonderfully well. It is very difficult to describe yourself as an artist even when other's sort of see it and you don't. But I'm getting there too.\

My mom was not a stitcher, she was an artist with a paint brush. My grandmother on my father's side was born of wealthy parents in Bermuda and actually schooled in needlework. She taught me when I was about 6. I tried to teach my mother how to knit at about 11(my mom was wonderful in letting us follow our bliss)but she didn't pick it up quickly enough and I got impatient. Thanks for the comment and the birthday wish. And good luck with your show. Please let me know how it turns out!