Thursday, August 9, 2007

On a roll

Hi All, I have been on a creative roll but no pictures yet. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have some new ones for you. I am still working on my face, although I have finished a few purses and eyeglass cases to replace the ones that I sold last week in the coop. One of the purses came out very lovely. It is gold thread on white silk with bead flowers. I will take a picture. This is a very exciting time here in Saratoga County. The racetrack is open and there are tourists everywhere, I kind of like them as I was one myself not too long ago. Since the coop is very close to Saratoga I am hoping upon hope that some of the track patrons will come by our beautiful art coop. If you are in a hotel room somewhere it is in Ballston Spa and you can find out about it at the link. See you soon. Keep stitchin. I'll be back soon with some new pictures of my work and hopefully a little bit more about the process.

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