Monday, August 20, 2007

The planet

Instead of speaking about my work today I think I would rather talk about the planet and the universe. It seems like the world is falling apart at the seams. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods. Add that to the wars and the absence of peace and I think maybe our planet is under the weather. I'm not really one who is knowledgeable about global warming but I am rather spiritual so I'm wondering if all these water related mishaps are the planet crying over the loss of humanity.

As I've mentioned before I blog on a politics site to keep my opinions seperated from my work as to not offend.(everyone is offended both for and against it seems) but there are just some days when I see the connection of everything in the universe and today was one of those days.

More death and destruction in Iraq, more tears, more excuses. IMO there are no excuses for this terrible war that has really upset the apple cart of the world. Too much unnecessary death.

Now we come to the floods and the earthquakes and the hurricanes. We can't really do too much about them but it does seem like something we are doing is making more of them. Is it our disregard for the planet we live in or our total disregard of life in all it's forms? Is there anything we can do? Maybe one giant prayer or moment of silence for all that's passed lately. We seem unable to stop the train of war that is hurtling over the cliff taking all goodness that made the United States what it is with it. We seem unable to understand that our actions have made the planet much more dangerous and much sadder. The tears of our planet are becoming very noticeable both in a scientific way and a metaphorical way. We have to stop the tears, but how?

I don't have any answers but this was one of those days when all my fears collided and all I can see are tears. I hope everyone is safe in this tear filled planet and you are at peace with your own life at least. Keep stitchin.

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