Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another medium

Today I picked up my first freeform project that I started a while back. It is an ocean with a few little added creatures. I wanted to make a purse out of it and was rather intimidated by the shape of the piece I already started. Although I have made a few thread freeform projects I still have not finished a yarn piece. I guess it's because I love to do thread work and love to fill in the spaces so I guess that makes it easier for me, but a large scale freeform project which I'm going to somehow transform into a purse kind of had me flummoxed. Freeform crochet as a very unique medium which comes from inside not so much outside. You can give Five different people 5 balls of yarn of different colors and they can all come up with something different. I don't seem to have the ease or artistry or perhaps I am just intimidated by doing a work of crochet that is specifically mine. But after working on it today I intend to finish it(sooner rather then later). I will share pictures and comments when I have finished it.

On the delightful side, I had an instructor preview as a crochet teacher in Michaels. It was wonderful fun and I met a fellow knitter who crochets when she wants to relax. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it but I like to knit when I want to relax. I find knitting more meditational especially when I am working on difficult patterns. I also met a lovely girl who made the most interesting jewelry out of wire. Very impressive and all the other ladies were wonderful too. I don't know if we convinced anyone to take our classes but it was a lot of fun anyway.

Have a great rest of the weekend and keep stitching.

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