Friday, September 14, 2007


Transformation is a hand embroidered piece that I currently have in the coop. It was part of the beginning of my transformation from craftsperson to artist. Or might I say it was one of the pieces I made that came from somewhere other then myself and tested me in ways I could not have imagined.

We had a black and white show the first month that we moved into our new building. For the black and white show I did a black hole with a hand coming out of it with gold highlights. I will also share that photo on a later date when my mood fits the black hole.

This is the companion piece for the black hole called transformation. We had an artist at work exhibition where we had to start a project and leave it in the coop so people could see how we transform black and white into color. Transformation was the piece that I worked on. It was amazing to see it come to life week after week. I started with the green threads and felt an overwhelming peace with each stitch that I made. Then came the different hues of red each stitched one by one. Working on it in the coop and here at home I realized just how much peace I find when I am stitching one of my art pieces. No deadlines, just creativity and love in what I am doing.

I am a rather high energy person. I blow in like wind and envelop those around me. The only time I am at peace and centered is probably when I am hand embroidering. I do many other needlearts too and I love them, but they do not affect me the same way hand embroidery does. I guess it's the concentration of having every stitch in the right place. The melding of colors all from the same family but different in every line. They seem to come from my soul and my center.

It's kind of funny, I have spent years trying to find peace of mind and heart and I had it all the time right under my nose and didn't even know it. I hope that you have found your center and your soul at something you love also. My work has transformed me. Thank you for reading about it.

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Nona Parry said...

Thank you so very much for your art and for your story.
Blessings, Nona