Friday, October 5, 2007

The Coop

Today was a wonderful day in the coop. Quite a few interesting people and it was First Friday also. Someone actually asked me what my process was and I had to think fast but came up with an answer. Being a housewife, turned crafter, turned artist I still have to wonder sometimes.

The weather was awfully hot. Someone said it reached 95. That would be unbelievable since we all know what the calendar says and what the temperature is supposed to be. As lovely as a summer day in October can be it really worries me about the planet that we live on. Sounds like we are being baked from the inside out. Everything seems a little screwy. Maybe it was already but it seems the planet, the country and the world are much more unpredictable then they used to be.

More thread metaphors, lately my life has been one giant thread of thread metaphors. Interesting to the fiber artist in me. Spoke about the string theory yesterday with a pal. The string theory everything is connected. I'm not a physics major or even a minor but strings connecting these days seems to be an allright metaphor for how life should be. It seems though we are getting more tangled and split up daily in reality though. Sometimes I find the only peace I can find is when I am putting tiny little threads into a piece of blank muslin and making something out of it. I understand my threads and their connection to muslin but I have to be honest I wish I knew how to find peace in the world that we live in without the muslin. The strings that bind us together and how to get it back. God bless and keep stitchin.

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