Sunday, October 7, 2007


Hello All. I spent the weekend working on Christmas ornaments and here is a sampling. It was kind of hard to get in the Christmas spirit yesterday with the mercury way up high. It was in the 80's but I guess that is what it is like to be a fiber artist in Florida. Perhaps if I were a shell artist it would have been easier.

I like to make each ornament a seperate piece of art. When I started I used to make duplicates but I don't use patterns so even back then they were a one of a kind but now I delight in making one of each ornament. My only exception is the twigs and berry hearts, they are my favorite ornaments to make with the tiny little stitches and lots of french knots. They are also my most popular ornament. I love to do twigs and berries period because they are so delightful in their complicated but simple way. I used to tell ladies at my tables that I would spend my whole day just doing twigs and berries if I could. But now I found other ways to share my embroidery talents and keep the twigs and berries to a somewhat manageable but enjoyable minimum.

It's not a very interesting blog entry I suppose but the complicated but simple me wanted to share my complicated but simple work. Thanks for reading and keep stitching.

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Stacey Dean said...

These ornaments are absolutely beautiful! I bet they will sell at St. Clements craft show! God Bless!