Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

That seems to be the theme of my life these days. Winning and losing but what is really winning and what is really loss? My craft show went kaput. All my craft shows this year have been a little slower then I would like it. On the winning side, I didn't sell any of my ornaments so now I don't have to make them anymore this year(and probably still will have to somewhere down the line but a girl can dream can't she). On the winning side I sold a knit purse. I love to knit but now that I have become an artist and want to have a body of my work. I haven't really been allowing myself to knit very much because embroidery well it's my gift from God. I'm a really good knitter but I am an artist when it comes to my embroidery. The embroidery comes from the soul but I have to be truthful I love to knit bags. I probably could make millions of them if I just let myself go.

So maybe that is the lesson, letting myself go. Be happy. Knit the bags in beautiful colors, stuff the ornaments you don't really want to make but you sell(not all the time I suppose). My work has always been a battle with myself until the coop. I have finally dug deep inside me and realized I love what I do and the world is much too short to waste it doing things you don't really want to do. So if the universe doesn't mind I hope I can hold out on making ornaments so that the very last one is my very last one for this season anyway and I can continue to knit purses and embroider pieces that explain who I am in a way better then I can explain myself.

So in the end I guess you can say I lost the part of me that was profitable(at least the old me), but instead I found something much more important. Me. In the moment in the now. Now I'm going to go start knitting another purse. Happy stitching.


Stacey Dean said…
Knit those purses girl! Sorry the ornaments didn't sell. I can't understand why! Oh well, happy stitching!
tangled stitch said…
Thanks for the lovely comment I have been enjoying myself knitting ever since Saturday. Perhaps by the time the weekend is over I shall have a photo to share! Thanks again.
DesigningFairy said…
I think we are all feeling that tug--what to create for money! And yet, I bet what you love to do the most we will all see through your work and in the end, that is what will sell.
tangled stitch said…
Thanks you designing fairy for your wonderful comment too. I was working in the coop today and someone was looking at one of my embroidered pieces and I loved his comments, I could tell he saw the love. He didn't buy it but just hearing what he said about it was enough(for today). Thanks again.

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