Thursday, October 4, 2007

Unblocked Part 2

The other day I mentioned how I have been trying to unblock myself and make myself happy to be me and in the moment. Today was Tai Chi day. I think the day I made the decision to sign up for Tai Chi was the day I started to get unblocked. It was a year and a half ago, last May to be exact. I did not have any idea how much our energy and our souls are blocked. In the beginning I thought I would never be able to follow the class never mind learn how to do it. It is such a beautiful flowing exercise that it is hard to imagine how many steps there are and how disciplined one has to be to understand it.

Finding my center back then was just about impossible. I was still in the smiling on the outside, crying on the inside part of my life. But little by little I started to learn it. Little by little I found my center. Little by little I unblocked my blockages and learned to breath. Breathing correctly is the most important thing to do for your health. Babying the parts of you that hurt with circular motions of massage unblocks your blockages a bit. Little by little the aches go away and you can eventually find peace. Once you find peace you find yourself stuck right there in the center. And once you find the center and the balance you so badly need you learn the tools that can bring you there. I am still not a Tai Chi master and can't even really do it on my own, but I've reached the point where I can watch and follow and breath even without anyone to follow. Life is beautiful most of the time.

I've been healing little by little and didn't really notice it until today. I had missed two Tai Chi classes, one was a mental health day(although probably would have been better to go to Tai Chi) and last one was because my son had a medical emergency and I didn't want to leave him(or maybe find my center). My son is ok but I guess for a few moments(or hours or days) I went back to the other shoe dropping point. Or so I thought. I found myself breathing a lot and embroidering a lot and somehow found my happiness somewhere in there. Today I realized just how much Tai Chi has given me. It has given me the gift of breath, the gift of my center, the gift and realization that I am an artist and most of all the ability to survive yet another scary occurance with hardly a blip on my radar(most would probably not say that but I noticed the difference).

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you are blocked by your past, or your plans for the future which frighten you, take a class in Tai Chi. Learn how to breath, learn how to center, learn how to live and be authentic because when one is in their center they can see themselves and their habits much more clearly. Stitch and be happy and unstuck. Tomorrow is a day at the shop and First Fridays which I love so next time I come I'll bring pictures of my journeys.


DesigningFairy said...

Thanks for your blog visit! I am considering this fabulous tai chi. Looking for something for centering when things get crazy. :)

tangled stitch said...

Thank you for your blog visit. And Tai Chi is wonderful. I suggest it wholeheartedly especially if you are a little blocked like I am. Thanks again for your remarks!