Thursday, November 15, 2007

Infinite Love

This is a piece I've made for the Albany Shaker Museum. As I was driving home from replenishing my table at the Albany Shaker Museum I decided to dip into my more artistic mode and lo and behold Infinite Love came to me. I created 2 hearts in red symbolizing love and the infinity symbol in green which symbolizes life, with little yellow infinity symbols which symbolize light. I matted it with maroon to highlight the hearts. I love to hand embroider and am thinking very seriously of committing myself more to the medium of hand embroidery then to knitting and crocheting. It fills me with such peace to work on each stitch and let the piece talk to me. If you are interested in this piece you will be able to find it at the Albany Shaker Museum starting next Tuesday.

Thank you for your time. Keep stitchin and I hope the thread speaks to your heart too.

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