Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is a picture of one of my favorite crafty things to do. It's a twigs and berry Peace hanging pillow. Other people like it too as it is one of my best selling items of all times. For me nothing quite says peace like sitting with a one of kind Peace written on tea stained fabric with little green straight stitches and loads of beautiful red french knots. May not have said this previously but before I became an "artist" twigs and berries were my ultimate favorite thing to do. The meditation of all those tiny little detailed stitches brings peace to my soul. Also it is one of those things that you just can't do without paying attention.

Also I made a decision that I can be an artist after Christmas but for now I have to give the people(and myself) what the people want. Peace.

Peace is a word that is so overused at the moment between the war and Christmas(not a very good juxtaposition of thoughts there but it is what it is). But to be honest there is not very much that is peaceful in the world right now(except for me and my pillow at the moment). Wars and hunger and fires and my own personal nightmares. Not a happy nor peaceful time. But everytime I feel that way I have my own personal peace pick me up. Something that reminds me that it is the ultimate goal. It's the one true thing to strive for because a person at peace usually brings peace to those around them. Forget about the outside world and concentrate on the inside world for a while.

My son went to religion in a place where I had to take adult education classes on the bible and spiritual journaling, etc. We were told in bible study that the time before Christ was born was a very tumultous and tragic time. Then Christ was born and peace descended on the world. Now we probably can't place an order for Christ to come at this time in our history but we can try to find peace within ourselves. So that is what I am going to do for the moment. I'm gonna make my twigs and berry till I fall into some kind of peaceful way of existence and then I'm gonna go back to being an artist again. Happy Holidays and I hope you find your peace.

My one of a kind peace pillow will be available at the Albany Shaker Museum or you can email me for one if you are interested.

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