Friday, December 7, 2007


I am inspired by InspireMeThursday. The subject is ice, so therefore I need to be inspired.

Ice is wonderful in a cocktail.

Ice is a wonderful reason to stay home and embroider or knit.

Ice is beautiful when it hangs off my gutter or during an ice storm when it just begins to hang off the trees.

Ice makes me laugh when my dog takes for me an impromptu ski lesson down my front lawn.

It also makes me laugh when I'm backing out of my driveway and I stop just in time to miss the basketball hoop.

Ice makes me happy when it melts on a freezing cold day just from the sun.

Most of all ice makes me think of all the warm things that make the ice bearable.


steve said...

Ahhh yes, that last line especially rings true. Well written and thoughtful one!

Madeleine said...

I wouldn't have thought it possible to do such a positive take on the topic. Nice job!
Mad Kane

paisley said...

i am with mad on tis,,, for someone that isn't especially fond of ice,, you sure did make it sound lovely!!!!!

tangled stitch said...

Thanks for all your comments. It's been extra icy around this way so I had a lot to work with. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I love the part about your dog and the unexpected ski trip. My dog took one of those a few days ago. 80 pounds of pure sweetness, looking so very confused. Did not know why her paws were betraying her. She was fine, but I had to laugh.
We get so much ice around here, as you know, so it is good to think of positive things about the ice (as long as I am not driving).

P.A. GIbbons said...

What is Inspire me thursday?!!!!!!
Inquiring minds want to know. I love thursdays....I used to go out thursday nights, knowing I just had one more day to get through before the weekend!!!!! patti