Saturday, December 15, 2007

Looking Forward

I know that Christmas hasn't come and gone yet, but I decided to look forward to next year anyway(the closer it gets to Christmas the better I like it anyway).

In the next year, I want to have my own web site and find an on line outlet for my work. I also want to find some nice little shops that will carry my work locally.

About my work, I want to get a bunch more experimental and show the talents I have. I have been doing needlework since I'm a wee little girl and I'm way past the wee little girl stage. I also want to embrace my differences. Oddly enough although this season wasn't a gangbuster like last year, I did sell the things that I walked out on the limb for.

I'm also going to work more. I'm a bit of a procrastinator so I'm going to play less work more(which is more interesting and fulfilling then playing anyway).

I'm going to make more for myself. As much time as I spend making the pieces I make I always try to sell them. It is time for me to embrace myself and become a walking billboard or just a trendy lady.

I am going to send my work into a magazine. I've started pieces and somehow never got the nerve to take that next step. Now is the time(or next year is anyway).

I am going to paint the rooms in my house. They are badly in need of a paint job and I am such a procrastinator I just plain haven't done it.

And last but not least. I'm going back to the Y. At least 3 times a week although I would love to get back to the schedule I was on before the coop. Longevity doesn't run in my family and therefore I have to do the hard work to keep myself healthy!

My family life was a blessing this year, so I am just going to hope for another blessed year with my hubby and son and of course the dog.

Keep stitching. Be hopeful!


lee said...

Sounds like a good plan. You are very talented and your work should be out there. Longevity does not run in my family either and I also was thinking of going to the Y

temptressyarn said...

I can't believe I accidentally ran across your blog--saw your link on the FFCrochet group and followed it here. Almost all of your "to do list" are already in my plans for 2008 as well, except for the web site thing as I already have that part covered, and I don't think I'm good enough at needlework to send items in to a magazine--or at least I can't write a pattern if I did come up with something gorgeous worth showing off (yet).

I am linking you at my blog so I can keep track of your progress and find inspiration for my own!! Your work is beautiful and I am sure you will succeed in your goals.

Happy needlework, happy exercise, happy room painting for 2008!

dianeclancy said...

It is wonderful to read about your plans! They sound good.

I am thinking about next year's marketing for the holidays too. It is pretty much over for this year for what I have to do - for active marketing.

I agree that usually work is more fun than play.

Thank you for visiting one blog. You may want to check out my main blog where I post every day ... the link is below.

Thank you,
~ Diane Clancy

tangled stitch said...

Diane your blogs are very informative(I love the idea of more marketing ideas) and your work is fabulous. Temptress your yarn is very lovely and I loved your other blog too. and Lee I was totally inspired by your blog site too, as a person not so keen on the ho, ho, ho you made me smile at your lovely whimsical days of Christmas.

Thank you all for your motivational answers to my suddenly motivated state of mind.