Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Introspective and Quiet

Hi All. No picture today. Not much to say either. I've been kind of introspective and quiet. I am enjoying reading the book Eternal Echoes and once again the writing style is exquisite. I have been heartened by the comments on my beyond the comfort zone post and I have been crocheting a thread table runner for a Michaels class in March. I always wanted a thread table runner and after my class I will have one. Other then that I've just been working on my runner, working on my hand embroidery project and keeping mostly to myself. I'm sure by tomorrow I will have lots to share as my son is going for his driver's permit.

I hope you are at peace and keep stitchin.


Anonymous said...

Let me know how the driving permit goes. Sounds like a story to me. I am so thankful that Melanie has not brought it up!
I love table runners. I bet it will be so beautiful.
Have a great night.
Sleep tight.

lee said...

i also love tablerunners make sure when your done you take and picture and show it on your blog. Do you often teach at Michaels....