Monday, February 4, 2008

Glass/Inspire Me Thursday

Well the topic is glass. Several thoughts go through my mind. Could it be through the looking glass. Through the heart of glass. Glass half empty/glass half full. Stained glass. Well how bout we say my glass runneth over. It seems the last topic for Inspire Me Thursday inspired me to come out of my comfort zone just a wee bit too much. After days and weeks of my glass running over as a metaphor for my words running over I seemed to block myself for a short while. It didn't help that I was stuck making a crocheted table runner that I had to do but sad to say didn't inspire me. Although after I get it back from my class I think I'm going to add some interesting appendages.

My last inspire me thursday post said a lot of things about my work that I usually keep to myself, but being inspired meant not thinking about my inspiration before I shared it. I had so many lovely responses to it so thank you very much if you happened to comment about it. But it's kind of hard being brave enough to say you are scared to death to take the next move. So I've been in limbo since then obsessing about my political leanings and not much else. As easy as it is to distract myself it was quite easy to get caught up in the Super Tuesday and someone else's destiny.

Well being caught up in someone elses destiny especially when it brings tears to your eyes is not so good for your own creative juices. So since tomorrow is Super Tuesday I will let Mr. Obama worry about his destiny(although if you are destined to vote for him please be sure to do so) it's time for me to get back to my own life.

So I am embroidering again. And my tears have subsided and my fears have subsided and my glass is overrunning with optimism and hope. So please check back Wednesday and I will have new pictures and some tags to deliver. Hopefully I can figure out the tag thing in the meantime. Blessings to all of you and keep stitching.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that; I like how you interpreted the topic.

Neda said...

Great post today, I love your sincerity and honesty. I feel that as I get more into blogging, the bolder I get (although I am very shy..can you believe it?)

I love the different facets of your interpretation..Is "Inspire Me" open to all? I should check that link..Speaking of links, may I add your blog on my link list?? Thanks!

lee said...

hey I want to see that table runner. And if I lived in the States I would vote for Obama

Michelle said...

I love your work, and I love how you talk about your work process. Do you use any books on hand embroidery? It's something I really want to try, but I'm not sure how to start! Your blog has inspired my fiber work (what little I've done so far).

laurel said...

I like how you put yourself out there and your interpretation of the challenge. That's what I love about IMT. Thank you for sharing!

tangled stitch said...

Thanks lovely ladies for all your nice comments. Michelle, I don't use hand embroidery books, I just kinda start simple and wing it.

Neda yes Inspire Me Thursday is open just go to and you're there. It is a wonderful place with a lot of wonderful inspirational artists. And it gives wonderful prompts that get me out of my very little box!