Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Leap Continue

Hi Folks! This is a picture I took of the Leap a couple of days ago. The piece has been moving along nicely and the next time you see it, it will probably be finished. I've been working a lot! I didn't do very well at the craft show the other day but I learned several lessons and had a great time. My friend Carrie was there, she is a wonderful artist who does beautiful fantasy paintings and illustrations. I'm hoping I talked her into starting her own blog so I can add a link to her absolutely beautiful work. She makes beautiful jewelry too! I brought the Leap and a hand bag I am working on(one of my hand embroidered hands) and got several wonderful comments, including one about how my work is evolving(from another lovely lady I know from the craft circuit). A gentleman that was taken with one of my other hand bags(from the coop, I'll share a photo soon) and a man who said I made the most beautiful french knots.

Most importantly I decided that if I was going to sit at a craft show all day not selling anything, I would not be selling my art. I must have mentioned that I have a great deal of inventory from before my "artist" days. I've decided to put half price stickers on all of the work that doesn't represent who I am now and concentrate on doing what I love. That is a leap of some sort artistically.

Meanwhile at the ranch, I've been hand embroidering and feeling oh so much peaceful and calm. The work I did at the craft show made me feel peaceful and contented even though it wasn't very good financially so I've been making myself feel peaceful and contented here at home ever since.

I hope all my friends in all my links are doing well. It seems this has been a rather tough time for the artists I know. Maybe it is a universal thing. Please take a look at their beautiful work and their beautiful words. Happy Stitching! See you soon.


JudyOlson said...

I like the image of seeing you "peaceful and contented" stitching away in your home. I imagine a fireplace and a cat, and a bottle of really good ale too. See you soon I hope, my next day to work at the co-op is the 28th.

Neda said...

So glad to be back and visiting you again. Glad to know you've been creative. Happy Easter!

PJ said...

What wonderful handiwork..absolutely looks relaxing to me!