Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Leap Conclusion

Well folks this is the conclusion of the leap. Finally finished it and finally, finally got it in the frame, which was harder then embroidering it. I did the fiber art craft show last week and met lovely lovely artists and my friends Pat and Carrie were there too. I had a good time but no moolah so I'm gonna take it easy on the craft shows. I'm gonna do one that my friend Carrie is running and the Albany Shaker Museum which is my favorite all time craft location. Such a wonderful peaceful feeling when you in the meeting house.

Life has been just a wee bit topsy turvy. I'm still getting used to being the mom of a few days short 17 year old. It's mostly an objective observer at this age as they don't really need you unless they are hurt or they want something. He took his SAT's this morning and he is looking foward to his birthday. And I am waxing nostalgic about his life and what a difference my life is since I've had him.

Not much else to talk about. Just wanted to share the leap and catch up a little bit. See you real soon(I've been so bad at keeping up with everything lately). Keep stitchin. Deb


Anonymous said...

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JudyOlson said...

The post above mine looks like spam, please don't click on it!

Happy to hear from you Deb, hope we meet up sometime soon.

cookie said...

Sending good wishes your way. I like the piece. You have a nice style about your work that is simple and bold. You tell your story well without having to overly embellish. It is refreshing.


Doreen said...

Hello Deb. My name is Doreen Frost and I'm from W. Pawlet, Vermont...I'm about and hour from Saratoga!!!! How nice to meet someone so close to home. You are so very right about children that age...I have two children, Jenna is 22 and Kurt just turned 19 on the, I can feel where you are coming from :)

I would love to hear more about the show at the Albany Quaker house.

Love your work.