Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wow so many moments

have passed. I may have mentioned earlier that I think I am going through the big M. The only positive thing I have to talk about at the moment is my work. I've been busy embroidering and have my one and only craft show coming up in a couple of weeks. Other then that I'm kind of at a crossroad. You name a symptom of the big M and I've got it. I'm tired, cranky(think PMS all the time), forgetful, and contemplative. If I don't write it down or drop everything to do it, it just doesn't get done(as you can probably tell by my infrequent blog posts lately). I'm still looking for outlets to sell my work and thankful for the Katbird Shop, the gallery never called so I guess my work wasn't what they were looking for. I'll keep looking for opportunities and leave it up to the universe as worrying about it is making me even more scattered and menopausal.

OK more kvetching. I have been sewing machine less for a few days. I finally decided to sew some of my things together and the needle broke and took my lovely sewing machine with it. I have two others but couldn't find the bobbin holder so they were useless too. I finally found my bobbin holder and will probably bring my lovely sewing machine to be fixed. I've been working on a bunch of framed pieces which are machine less and have finished the purse for my lovely neighbor's lovely sister. After she receives her purse I'll share the pictures because until it belongs to her the work belongs to me.

Still haven't been inspired to frame a few more pieces(was hoping the gallery would inspire me) but am going to start framing them tomorrow and putting them on my own walls. At the moment I think I have to own them myself anyway. They remind me that no matter how topsy turvy my life is at the moment at least I can find my center and my peace somewhere.

Blessings to all my friends who have been so kind to leave messages on my rather infrequent posts. It is really hard to put my thoughts together in a cogent understandable way lately. I wish my mom or my grandmom were here to give me advice on this turning point in my life but am oh so thankful for all my wonderful friends who listen and offer me advice(I really don't give them a choice).

I'm reading the Oprah Eckhart Tolle book and trying to live in the moment and get out of my self for the moment, but I guess you can tell from this post that I'm not doing too well at it.

Live your life, find your joy and if I'm not here I'm either kvetching, embroidering, or sleeping. See you soon.


Laura said...

Deb! So nice to read a post from you! Your sewing machine problems sound just like mine and are one reason I SO much prefer hand sewing. Suggestion - Carry a pad of paper with you to write stuff you need to do (otherwise I am constantly interrupting whatever I'm doing, so I won't forget the next thing):) Congrats on the Katbird Shop. Great shop!

JudyOlson said...

Machines! I also much prefer hand-sewing, and look for every opportunity to do so (like hand basting even if I'm sewing the rest with the machine). About menopause, I am just coming out of the other side after 4 years of heck. (I really can't say it was hell, just difficult). My symptoms are gradually subsiding and I now have hope that I will be back to my old self sometime. An example of how it hurt me: Driving to Glens Falls, I would miss the turn and end up going towards Saratoga. My mind was pretty much gone. Now I am starting to feel more normal. Other than hormone replacement therapy, there's just about nothing that you can do. Herbal or "natural" remedies don't really do anything unless you are the kind of person that a placebo would work for. Okay, sorry to write so much! If you want a good hot flash tip, e-mail me, it's something that helped me out quite a lot.

Michelle said...

Deb, I think hormones just make us miserable. I hope the changes you're dealing with can come to resolution soon, though I know how long that transition can take. Ask for help as you need it. Don't be a hero. :o)

P.A. GIbbons said...

Hey Deb! Just got back from MY doctor complaining about the big M. I gained like 6 pounds overnight, and am cranky and can't sleep and I just hate it! But she looked at me and said...yep.

Good luck with your show in Albany.

That book is really good. I just started it btw. :)

patti in Kingston