Friday, November 21, 2008

Inspire Me Thursday- Albert Einstein

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science." - Albert Einstein

Not being a science person(although I do have a passing fancy about metaphysics and physics in general) I didn't think I would find a quote of Albert Einstein's to inspire me. Well knock me down with a mysterious feather, this one caught my eye.

What is art but the mysterious brought into creation? Everyone can look at the same object but see something different in it. And usually the reason behind it is somewhat mysterious. The mystery of the human mind and the idea that art and interpretation comes from it.

I'm also not a photographer but I have many photographer friends and every time I look at one of their interesting and beautiful photographs I am caught again by the idea that you could put a group of photographers in a room and each of them would focus on something different. It is much the same with knitters and a ball of yarn and a couple of needles, tell them all to knit a scarf and because of differing levels of expertise, different likes and dislikes, different sizes. Well I think you get the point all very mysterious.

In my own work I find it hard sometimes to explain where my inspirations come from. When I first joined the coop a few years ago I was driving home and the hand embroidered piece named "hope" came to me in the car. I quickly stopped and drew a rather primitive black hole with a hand coming out of it. A few months later Hope was born. The first member show in the coop was a black and white show and there was "hope". Very mysterious.(If you are interested you can see "hope" at my flicker site)

I find when I follow the mysterious the results are sometimes so much better then I ever imagined. I guess maybe that in the end is the lesson of Albert Einstein.


Carol Browne said...

Your stitch work is lovely. I love all the details on that hand with the heart.

And, that Albert Einstein was really smart! :-)

Kim D said...

I agree with the above comment! Definitely!

s.l.greek said...

i agree with your insight. it's a strange wonderful feeling when inspiration comes to you out of the blue. it makes me pause in wonder.

Patti said...

Happy Thanksgiving Debra Ann! We have the flu here, so I canceled dinner..but I have managed to eat a piece of toast and am taking it easy. Not much else we can do?! xxpatti