Monday, November 10, 2008

The Light Within Inspire Me Thursday

This is an open thread on Inspire Me Thursday so I thought I would share one of my latest pieces. It is called The Light Within. It's another one of those pieces that just popped into my head. It seems like a good time to remember the light within with the exciting news and the idea of optimism that a President Elect Barack Obama brings. The last few years and especially the last few months have been a little dark but a new president especially with one with the message of change is fresh and exciting and light. Perhaps he will be able to turn our collective ship around.

The Light Within is a hand embroidered piece, starting with varying degrees of yellow on the inside, then varying degrees of orange and then varying degrees of red. My work shines the light within no matter how dark the outside is. My life is abuzz in changes. My son is looking at colleges and he got his driver's license. One of the galleries that showed my work has closed and with the economy in the shape it is in my work is not selling as much as I would like it to. But with my work the joy is in creating it not selling it so I guess the idea would be to just keep creating and let God take care of the rest. It's kind of a new beginning for me also. Soon my son will have his own car and his own life and then I must forge a life of my own. I thought of getting a real job but I simply don't want one. It would take too much time out of my work. Of course if the perfect job drops in my lap I will gladly take it, but until then it is time for me to work. Time to put the political away for another 4 years and move on in my own direction. I must admit it's a little scary to surrender your life to something that is not profitable, but it does bring me joy so whereever my work and I are meant to plop so be it.

Once again you can purchase my work at the Katbird Shop in Schenectady, Silver Birch Gallery in Albany, and the Albany Shaker Museum in Albany and of course you can email me privately. All three venues are packed to the gills with beautiful gift items so if you are in the neighborhood it will be worth a trip to find a little sunshine and light on these gloomy autumn days even if you don't purchase my work.

Be happy and remember the light within even on those gloomy dark days.


johanna said...

your work is amazing!

s.l.greek said...

i agree with johanna your work is amazing. and so it goes, "the only thing constant in life is change". Your son will do great, and who knows that perfect job may be right around the bend!

laurel said...

Very lovely!

melanie said...

this is a wonderful piece... and I hear you about the current state of things. it's times like these we have to cling to the faith that everything will turn around and things will get better. best wishes to you!

Rowena said...

That piece is awesome.

And I look at the changes your life is going through and think you are on the other side of the changes I am going through, with my attempts to work and get out in the world with my kids still too young for school. I've got a long road of mommyhood ahead. I can't imagine cars and colleges!