Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Dress/Inspire Me Thursday

Two posts in one day. I decided to comment on the dress prompt because of the irony. Myself an artist who makes pretty lovely purses which I hope people will wear with their lovely dresses despises the dress. Never liked them even as a child. I can name my favorite dresses on one hand(well maybe more then one hand we'll see).

I liked my communion dress. It was a lovely lace like dress which was a mini which was the style when I made my communion. There is a picture of me somewhere in it standing with my brother who has a big gap in the middle of his bangs as he decided to cut his hair because he was jealous of my hair cut. Probably the cuteness of him is why I look at the picture and remember that dress.

Then there was the red dress I wore on my first date ever. A Christmas dance with a boy on the cross country team named Mike(I think it was his first date also as he let me out of the car across the street in the snow). It was a red clinging dress with spaghetti straps and a cute little jacket thing over it. Was very flattering.

My prom dress. Sorry I kind of hated that one. It was a granny style dress with a lace yoke and worn in a different color by a girl named Barbara. Not exactly a date to remember or a dress to remember but it's a pretty fun story if I say so myself.

My blue georgette wrap around chiffon dress. I loved this dress. I still have it with dreams of putting it on again(not gonna happen). I wore it to two weddings one a family member and one a friend. It was a lovely dress which made me feel beautiful. I had a perm for my friends wedding and I think that is one of the prettiestpictures I have of myself(and I hate pictures almost as much as dresses)

My friend Liz's bridesmaid dress. It was pink and had a chiffon top and I thought it was the nicest bridesmaid dress I have ever seen.

And last but not least my wedding dress. It was beautiful. A full chiffon bottom with ruffles and off the shoulder ruffly sleeves. I wanted a more sedate dress but my Italian Aunt made me try on the dress. She was right it was a lovely dress and it complimented my curves. They also picked out a pouffy thing for my head. To be truthful I would have preferred a veil but I'm a good foot or more shorter then my husband so I guess they were right about the over the top pouffy dress. It was the fussiest dress I've ever worn and probably ever will wear but it was lovely.

That is my saga of the dress and although I didn't quite come in under the one hand I hope you enjoyed reading my dress saga and had a good laugh. I certainly had one recounting the stories behind the dress.


Sharon said...

Very interesting and fun stuff about your dresses! I enjoyed reading it. :)

namesconnie said...

Liked your story about dresses you have worn. Reminded me of some of the dresses I have worn, too. Good job. Also, I love jeans and t-shirts, now. :-) Sincerely, Connie

s.l.greek said...

i was never a fan of the dress myself. your story was great. i will have to make a cup of tea and think about who many fav dress i had. great job!

Tammie Lee said...

yes I enjoyed your dress stories. I on the other hand love dresses and even in the dead of a very cold snowy winter must put a dress on once in a while. Then summer comes and I will rarely don pants. Still you may have more favorite dresses than I can list!