Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Passion Part Two

This is the Passion. I finished it last week and it is now hanging in the Katbird Shop in downtown Schenectady. The Passion came to me on the way home from the Katbird Shop and it was only right that it grace their walls(and hopefully someone's home). I am always inspired by the works of others. When I go to the Katbird Shop I am inspired by the wonderful owner of such a beautiful shop with such beautiful things and the lovely way Kathy runs her business. She is such a pleasure to work with. A woman who is following her dream. She gives me hope that someone will find beauty in the way in which I follow my dream.

Passion. What does it mean to me? My family. I am passionate about my husband and my son. Peace. I am passionate about finding peace in the world. Life is never perfect but the ability to lose myself in a hand embroidery project is a gift from God. Color, I love the contrast of colors in a sublte manner or not so subtle. Hand embroidery. As I mentioned earlier the ability to lose one self and find their soul in such a concrete and wonderful way is truly a gift from god. I love the subtle nuances of the colors I use in my hand embroidery, the randomness of the errant thread that I can put in just the right place. The ability to make something very bright or very dull subtle with just one placement of a two strand piece of embroidery thread. The texture of yarn, color, and meditation of the knit purses I make. The remembrance of an earlier time when I pick up a ball of bedspread cotton and a steel crochet needle. I truly have a passion for the needlearts and needlecrafts and everything in between. Even if you are not a needleworker at the moment pick up a video or take some classes and see if needlework is in your future as it is a wonderful meditative visible way of dealing with life and it's hardships.

Well that is the story of The Passion, where you can find it to see it in real life, and how my passion for needlework affects my soul. Blessings to you and yours and I hope you find your passion.

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