Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Stitch

Stitches are so many things. We use stitches to mend things. We use stitches to keep us in laughter. We use stitches to make our soul sing. We use the stitch, the simple solitary stitch for so many things.

A stitch in time saves nine. I don't know about the other 8 but my love of the stitch has certainly saved me. There is a lot going on in my non stitching life and most of it isn't worth sharing or perhaps I just don't want to but most of the time just a little time with my embroidery and knitting does the trick.

I'm still in the midst of figuring out how my tangled little thread of a life will turn out now that my son is almost gone and my services as a stay at home mom are not quite needed as urgently as they used to be. My starving artist persona is keeping me starving and the rest of my life is falling apart at the seams through no fault of my own(ok maybe I bear an iota of the responsibility for the stuff that pertains to me personally). The road is a little dark and usually just a bit of very green embroidery thread brings peace to the valley but it doesn't seem to be working for this one. Someone I care about deeply is very ill and there is nothing I can do to help them through this one so I turn to computer games and puzzles and try to embroider since the stitch is the one thing that saves me. But being an artist so connected to my work every piece of green thread and new age music brings tears because the other shoe has dropped again. This time with a very hard clunk. Please say a prayer and think of the stitches that bind all of us humans together. It seems life is a journey of peaks and valleys and we really don't appreciate those peaks until we are way deep in the valley. Hug the people you love, try to understand them the best you can and keep on stitching.

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