Monday, February 23, 2009

Just Checking In

No pictures today. I'm busy working on a hand embroidery piece which I'll share soon. It's a goddess. My first one. I finished Crossings last week my new interpretation of a cross, just have to frame that one.

I took a creative break last night as I watched the Oscars. I loved it. I loved the Loved the beautiful dresses. My favorite was Penelope Cruz's. I loved the story about how she saw it in a store 7 years ago and said one day she would wear it(how it was still available after 7 years I'm not quite sure). I also loved her speech, somehow when we look at the beautiful talented Penelope Cruz we don't think of her upbringing. I loved all the speeches. I was thrilled with the winners. I don't think I've enjoyed the Oscars that much in a long time. I thought Hugh Jackman was great. I loved the past winners introducing the nominees. I thought the stage was beautiful and I loved the Swarovski crystals dangling above. The only quibble was the memorial tribute. Either show the people who died and pay them a tribute or leave them out, I think they were going for entertainment with Queen Latifah and the artistic way they presented it but death isn't entertaining. I guess it wasn't so much a break from creativity either, as I was able to appreciate the creativity of others.

Today it was back to work. Hope you enjoyed being creative or enjoying the creativity of others too. Keep stitching.

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