Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mighty Sun

This is my latest piece. It is named Mighty Sun. This was my first foray into watercoloring on fabric and I have to say that sometimes I would be taken about when I was embroidering at what a nice contrast there was between the red embroidery of the sun and the coolish blue of the fabric. The green figure is a nice contrast too but not as much as the sun. Perhaps I just have the Sun on my mind because it is cold up here in upstate NY. I have a foot of snow on my front lawn so perhaps that is why I made the figure green too. A harbinger or a melancholy for spring.

Mighty Sun is going into a fiber art show at a local gallery. When it is installed there I will share a bit more. Still a bit superstitous and insecure until someone accepts my work to be shown.

Besides the obvious reason I named my piece Mighty Sun because I was inspired by a lovely song sung by Andrea Bocelli on his album Sogno. Andrea Bocelli never fails to inspire me both with his music and with the inspirational syncronistic way his career began. I think he has the voice of an angel.

Oh well off to work or play, haven't decided which. I hope your life is happy and creative. Keep stitching.


JudyOlson said...

Great piece for RIGHT NOW. We have 3 feet of snow on the ground here.

drea_dear said...

Beautiful work. I appreciate the strong contrast, too - when I'm stitching I often stop and admire the texture and the color contrast when I'm really inspired by a piece. Thank you for stopping by and commenting - after seeing your work, I really appreciate the comment!

Have you listed your blog on Facebook's Networked Blogs? I went looking for you, but didn't find you. It's amazing how much time that little site takes, isn't it? But I've met some other really nice stitchers there, and I'm expanding my stitching-friends network that way.

Nice to "meet" you, and have a nice weekend!


Valaine said...

I always love your work! :)
I want to share my new site with you.
It is now
instead of silentdreamer.

Good luck with the show!
Talk to you soon,

tangled stitch said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments. I too wish the sun would melt the snow(although it's been melting all by itself).

Drea yes I have listed my blog at Facebook but I'm not quite sure how it works, I think I need a couple of people to vouch for me and I can't seem to figure out how to do that.

And Valaine I went to the new site and loved it,loved it, loved it. Anyone else who reads this go take a look.

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