Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To Knot or Not to Knot

To knot or not to knot that is the question. I've provided a visual heart pillow with french knots even though I'm not speaking french today and the pillow is quite old. I have dabbled in both knotting and unknotting(both in embroidery and life). I was taught by my grandmother to knot, but I also know that it is more pure and basic to not knot. Recently I have tried to go back to being a non knotter but especially when I am working on my tangled thread designs it is very cumbersome to not knot and it gets even messier then the occassional knot makes it look. So I wondered if any of you hand embroiderers out there knot your knots too?

Bloggily I am a bit knotted today as my hubby has the laptop and I am on the slow as molasses tangled with trivia old computer which takes 10 minutes just to go to a different website. So being kind of all knotted up with no place to go I decided to discuss knots of the embroidery kind and hightail it out of here.

Just as a footnote to yesterday, everything is much better today after a good night's sleep with no dreams. Thanks for the comments and concerns with a special shout out to Painter of Blue, your words were very meaningful. Ok so now I'm out of here, have a great day and keep stitching.


JudyOlson said...

Are you talking about knots on the backside of the work? It's been so many years since I've done embroidery that I don't even remember whether I fastened with knots or just snaked the ends through previous stitches... French knots are different though, right? You're not talking about not using them are you? I love your french knots!

Painter of Blue said...

Until I started reading your blog, I never knew embroidery could be such a beautiful and expressive art form!

tangled stitch said...

Thanks Judy I wasn't very clear. I meant the knots in the back of the work. I love my french knots and couldn't live without them.

Thanks Painter of Blue, your words are very encouraging.

Neda said...

First, let me say that I love this piece. To me, it's alive!

Second, your embroidery journey reads like a philosophy primer on life. There is a certain depth and wisdom that comes with your words and feelings and your willingness to share the deepest depths of your soul that reverberates with all of us struggling through as artists, human beings, etc. I think you ought to have a website/blog that's called the A Stitch of Zen or the Zen of Threads or something like that!

As for your ealier posts, I identify so much with what you have wrote...

xxxxx Neda