Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unfinished project

Since I love blogging and I never seem to have enough of my work framed and finished and I want to blog as much as I can, I decided to show my unfinished projects or whatever I'm working on for the day. This is my last little piece of watercolored red orangey fabric. It was too small to put in a frame and I was inspired to do a dragonfly(I made a lovely green one for my friend Emily in a frame for Christmas) I decided that I'd hand embroider the dragonfly and then perhaps try my hand at an art quilt. I still have to find the perfect fabrics to accompany it and then try to make it look as good as I can make it look with the limited quilting skills I currently have so I figured this may be the first and last time you ever see it(only kidding I'll share it even if it is a bomb). So here it is.

Other news I have finally gone back to the YMCA and am walking around the track. I reached the bottom health wise dealing with the big M and finally got desperate enough to go on a diet and start exercising again. My lovely and wonderful friend Emily reminded me of how happy I was the last time I got on this exercise kick. That was the ticket. So two weeks ago I started exercising and I started eating much better and now I'm feeling pretty good. The point of this is that yesterday was one of those wonderful days when you get an exercise buzz. After a mile the second mile was just fabulous and I even got an inspiration for my next project(after I finish the dozen or so projects I am currently working on). It was something I just couldn't motivate myself to do and I was just plain miserable for months upon months. The symptoms had gotten so bad that I was ready to donate my body to science. I had artist's block, insomnia, palpitations, body aches, my fibro was in overload, the list is really long and others probably would have benefited more from me donating my body to science. But I decided to exercise more and eat sensibly and darn if those darn symptoms didn't disappear. So to all you ladies suffering try to go back to the basics and see what happens.

Thankfully even with all those symptoms I had my embroidery, the Obama election cycle and my wonderful Emily to help me through it. I am so grateful that I was able to find some joy during that time period. But now it's time to take all the dreams and aspirations and get back to work and blogging and doing only what is necessary or that I love. So hence back to blogging.

To all my blogging friends who kept up with my travails for the last few months a great big thank you for coming back even when there was nothing to read and I hope perhaps my woeful story will remind you that you are not alone when you are feeling down or sick and not in the blogosphere.

Keep stitching!

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