Monday, March 30, 2009

Almost There!

When I was a kid(and even as an adult) I was a very impatient person. Always asking are we there yet every five minutes. Now that I am a traveling embroiderer I am very patient and never get antsy even when something takes twice as long as it's supposed to. So I am almost there with this lovely piece of fabric. My project is almost finished and is coming along in such a way that I think I will wait till it is finished to share it. A day or two or maybe an hour or two? Almost a finished piece of embroidery. My brain is a flutter with ideas of what to do next and I'm getting just a wee bit antsy. Can't wait to finish this piece. I am wonderfully surprised with the contrasting colors I have chosen to supplement my mostly blue piece.

I was reading on Turning, Turning(which is a wonderful blog by an art therapist at ) writing about transportable embroidery. She puts hers in tupperware mine is just all tangled up in a ziploc bag but the idea that I can bring my embroidery just about anywhere(I haven't flown in an airplane lately so don't quote me)floats my boat and I think it floats hers too. (She also has a wonderful illustrated blog entry with french knots). Even the day waiting for my car when someone saw Lucinda and asked if she was a tea cup(her ear looked like a handle, and yes it does). But for the most part it is nice to take my projects out in the open and work on them. First off I'm more patient, very important. Secondly it sets up a little barrier in physician's waiting rooms and other places where it is important to at least have a small barrier(mostly to keep me from talking to any poor soul who passes my way). Thirdly because when people say something it is usually about my embroidery and there are usually nice compliments involved. I love to travel with my embroidery. I love to do everything with my embroidery. Oh well I've gone off message here.

I am thinking up new ideas, maybe some new purses, maybe sculptures, maybe just more framed pieces or little knickknacky things. But I'm thinking of new ideas and trying to think of new ways to market them(maybe change my display or leave certain things out or leave certain things in). Point is I'm trying to think of newness which is a good thing. Off the pity party and onto the next step. Thanks again to all those who offered me solace after my last craft show. It is a universal feeling we all have at one time or another(unless of course we sell chocolate sprinkles and call them reindeer poop, those people clean up on the craft show circuit, looking for sprinkles tomorrow only kidding). Thanks again for all your kind words and support and soon, very soon you will see my new very patient embroidery project.


lady macleod said...

You have a lovely blog, very creative. I enjoyed my visit.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Ive been enjoying reading through your posts - i am usually too selfconcious to embroider in public. plus i find the comments distracting, but i am very definately not a Suzy cream cheese! :)